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A man gives a speech at an event at Frederick Douglass National Historic Site.
Speaker at oratorical contest at Frederick Douglass National Historic Site.


History, culture and nature come together to provide a variety of parks for visitors utilizing the Green Line. Each of the parks listed here are 1-2 miles or less from each metro stop (about a 15-30 minute walk) or a 10 minute bus ride away.

Green Line Stops

College Park-U of Md
Hiking and camping opportunities are just around the corner from College Park Metro Station at Greenbelt Park.

U Street
Exit at U Street to discover Meridian Hill Park—a hidden gem in Columbia Heights.

Walk down to the National Mall for an amazing view of the Washington Monument.

L'Enfant Station
Jump off at L'Enfant to explore the National Mall.

Walk over to Frederick Douglass's Home to learn about a leading voice in the abolitionist movement, and to see beautiful sweeping views of the city.

Metro Information

To see a map of the Metro System, visit Metro's website. Metro's Trip Planner provides instant itineraries and detailed information you need to get around the city.

Green Line DC Metro


Pets are excluded from most memorials and NPS and public buildings. Pets are welcome on the National Mall but must be kept on leashes, no more than 6 feet in length at all times. For parks outside of the mall, please visit indiviudal park websites to see if pets are allowed.  Pets may not be unattended or tied to an object. Visitors with pets must pick up all pet waste and dispose of it in a trash receptacle.

Service animals are allowed at all National Park Service sites. 

The National Mall and Memorial Parks are all free and open to the public. There is no entrance fee to visit Frederick Douglass NHS. If you make reservations to tour the historic house, there is a fee of $1.50 for each reserved ticket or a flat fee of $5.00 for school groups. There is no entrance fee to visit Greenbelt Park. The campground fee is $20 per night. The Greenbelt Park campground will accept cash or checks only for walk-ins sites. Reservations can be made year round on

For information about metro fares visit Metro's Fares page. 

The Green Line runs from the Greenbelt Station in Prince George's County, Maryland, into the heart of DC and out to Branch Ave Station in Prince George's County, Md. The Metro Accessible NPS sites can be accessed at the following locations:

College Park-U of Md
Greenbelt Park: To get to the campground, walk eastward on Campus Drive. You will pass Cpl Frank Scott Drive and the Herbert Wells Ice Rink along Campus Drive. Cross Route 201- Kenilworth Avenue (0.9 miles). Choose one of the following:

1st option: There is a trail (fire road) on the northern part of Good Luck Road that leads up through the park into the D loop area of the campground. (1.6 miles)

2nd option: Continue uphill on Good Luck Road. The park entrance is on the left and is across from Parkdale High School. (1.4 miles) Walk down the asphalt path. You will approach a chain link fence. Take a left on the road. The ranger station will be in sight and the campground is just beyond the ranger station. (2 miles).

U Street
Meridian Hill Park: Head west on U St NW toward 13th St NW. Turn right onto 15th St NW. Take a slight right to stay on 15th NW. Turn left into the park. 

National Mall: Head east on Pennsylvania Ave NW toward 7th St NW. Turn right onto 7th St NW. The mall is straight ahead.

L'Enfant Station
National Mall: Head north on 7th St NW and the National Mall is straight ahead.

Frederick Douglass's Home: Head southeast on Howard Rd SE. Turn left onto Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE. Turn right onto W St SE and the historical site will be on the right. 

To see a map of the Metro System, visit Metro's website

Four specific hours, visit park websites. 

Accessibility Information

Service Animals

Service animals are allowed in national parks. For a definition of a service animal, please see the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) definition.


For information about individual park facilities, please visit park websites. Accessibility information is located under the Plan Your Visit tab.


Assistive listening devices, or large print brochures may be available by request or with advance notice. For information about individual park programs, please visit park websites. Accessibility information is located under the Plan Your Visit tab.

Last updated: March 28, 2017