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What will I see?
Nearly 11,000 acres of wide open space, beautiful vistas, seasonal wildflowers, wildlife, bison herd, and plenty of solitude.

  • Spring brings prescribed burns, blackened earth with white limestone ridges along the hill sides, then a green carpet of grass within two weeks, ready for seasonal grazing cattle brought in on cattle trucks.
  • Summer brings prairie grasses growing and cattle grazing as puffy clouds cast shadows as they skirt along the rolling hills of the prairie. By mid July cattle are "gathered" off the prairie by cowboys on horseback and loaded back onto semi trucks.
  • Finally fall arrives with tallgrass prairie grasses reaching their maximum heights and the answer to "where's the tallgrass?" that has been asked all year long. Grasses reach from waist high to well over a person's head, with seed heads in bloom and stems turning a golden hue to bronze; a breathtaking view of the less than 4% remaining of the tallgrass prairie ecosystem.
  • Winter brings cold, snow, and a beautiful setting of isolation on the tallgrass prairie. Tallgrasses are blown over and animals use them for cover against the elements. If you go for a hike, you may see the bison herd foraging among the knocked down grasses with snow on their backs.
  • Seen throughout the entire year, cultural history and magnificent 1880s limestone buildings that represent the end of the open range to the time of enclosed ranch holdings.

The preserve offers many opportunities to make a meaningful connection to the prairie and the people that lived here. You do not need a reservation to visit the preserve. The prairie is open year-round 24/7 except during time of prescribed fire. The buildings have scheduled hours and are posted in the information below.

We hope you will have fun, make lifelong memories, and develop a deep appreciation for this very special place. There is something for everyone here at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. Come experience this jewel of the Flint Hills.

Where to begin? This "Plan Your Visit" section has all kinds of helpful tips about basic information, things to do, outdoor activities, calendar, eating and sleeping, safety, weather, press releases, and current conditions. Dig deeper for information about accessibility, directions, operating hours and seasons, group tour reservations, scientific research permits, park passes, brochures, and park special use permits. All access to the preserve is via walking or hiking. No private vehicle access is allowed in the prairie.

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Things to Do

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Nearby Attractions

Nearby Attractions

From historic sites to biking trails, there is a lot more to see in the Flint Hills.

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