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Cell phone tour
Cell phone tour of ranch headquarters, school house, and prairie overlook

Self-guiding Historic Ranch Headquarters
Cell Phone Tour

Click on the links below to visit via the internet or you may call (620) 805-3185 and punch in the tour stops to learn about the history of the 1881 Spring Hill Farm and Stock Ranch, the prairie, and the one-room schoolhouse.

1. Historic Buildings and Prairie Overlook
Welcome Greeting
Stop 1: Three-level limestone barn
Stop 2: Stone corrals and fences
Stop 3: Outbuildings
Stop 4: Scratch shed
Stop 5: Chicken house
Stop 6: Carriage house
Stop 7: Ranch house
Stop 8: Curing house
Stop 9: Outhouse
Stop 10:Icehouse
Stop 11: Prairie overlook
Stop 12: Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse

2. Scenic Flint Hills Driving Tour
This 37 mile driving tour follows a portion of the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway K-177 from Strong City, Kansas as far south as Matfield Green. The tour loops through the Flint Hills with the tour ending at Bazaar, Kansas. This tour is a great alternative if you've missed one of our scheduled prairie bus tours. Welcome to the beautiful Flint Hills.

Email us for a map of the Flint Hills Driving Tour

Stop 100: Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve establishment
Stop 101: Naming the Flint Hills
Stop 102: Scenery, Flint, and Patchburn Grazing
Stop 103: Last Remaining Tallgrass Prairie and the Prairie Chicken
Stop 104: "Legs" of the Tallgrass
Stop 105: Flint Hills Plant Growth
Stop 106: Surviving Adversity through Diversity
Stop 107: Flint Hills Erosion
Stop 108: Stone Fences and Quarries
Stop 109: Flint Hills Geology and Settlement
Stop 110: Kansa Relocation
Stop 513: Establishment of the Preserve

3. Spring Hill Ranch House Interior Tour
Stop 201: Welcome
Stop 202: Introducing the Jones Family
Stop 203: Formal Entry, Parlor, and Interiors
Stop 204: Walnut Staircase and Original Wood Flooring
Stop 205: Former Kitchen Areas
Stop 206: Jones' Office, Bedroom, and Back Porch
Stop 207: Dining Room, Sitting Room, and Butler's Pantry
Stop 208: Upper Floor Bedrooms and Bathtub Area
Stop 209: Front Porch and the View to the East
Stop 210: Jones Family History from 1886 - 1914

4. Spring Hill Ranch Barn Tour
Stop 301: Welcome
Stop 302: Barn
Stop 303: Middle Floor
Stop 304: Lower Floor
Stop 305: Upper Floor
Stop 306: Stone Corrals

5. Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse Tour
Stop 401: Introduction to the One Room School
Stop 402: History of the Lower Fox Creek School #14
Stop 403: Restoration of the Lower Fox Creek School
Stop 404: Interior of the Lower Fox Creek School

Last updated: July 18, 2018

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