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The National Park Service cares for America's more than 400 national parks…and works in almost every one of her 3,141 counties. We are proud that tribes, local governments, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individual citizens ask for our help in revitalizing their communities, preserving local history, celebrating local heritage, and creating close to home opportunities for kids and families to get outside, be active, and have fun. Find a few selected important places outside the parks here and explore the links for more. Then explore what you can do to share your own stories and the places that matter to you.

The Harada House:The Harada House on Lemon Street in Riverside, California was the focus of a landmark court case brought by the State of California against Jukichi Harada, a Japanese immigrant living in Riverside. The case tested the constitutionality of laws preventing immigrants, primarily from Japan, from owning property in California.Local advocates worked to preserve the house and keep this Civil Rights story alive.

Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area: This National Heritage Area was enacted by Congress and signed by the President on May 10, 2008.Forty-two central Illinois counties work together to preserve, interpret, and promote the heritage and culture of the area, in the context of Abraham Lincoln's life in the state of Illinois.

Explore Cahokia Mounds, one of the greatest urban political centers of North America. Cahokia Mounds World Heritage Site represents a truly unique example of the complex social and economic development of pre-contact indigenous Americans.

The American Presidents Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary aids visitors in exploring the lives and contributions of 43 American Presidents. Experience the places they knew during their lifetimes and that honor their memories after their deaths.

Last updated: March 22, 2016