"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal..."

Goods, ideas, and people intermingled in early Philadelphia.  In this diverse city, a new republic was born.  The Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were both debated and signed inside Independence Hall.  Nearby sits the Liberty Bell, an international symbol of liberty.

Color photo of the Liberty Bell with Independence Hall visible through the glass behind it.

Visiting the Liberty Bell Center

See this international symbol of liberty. No tickets are needed.

Assembly Room, showing chairs and tables covered with green tablecloths.

Visiting Independence Hall

Entrance to Independence Hall is by tour only.Tickets are required March through December. No tickets are required in January and February.

Benjamin Franklin Museum exhibit panel in the foreground with the museum in the background.

Benjamin Franklin Museum

Explore a state-of-the-art museum honoring Philadelphia's own Benjamin Franklin.

Color photo of a group of children and one adult raising their hands while looking at a park ranger.

Special Programs

Enjoy performances, ceremonies, and more. Are you in?

Print of Independence Square (1799) showing Native Americans and others strolling through the yard.

History and Culture

Looking for the history of Independence Hall or the story of the Liberty Bell? We've got that!

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