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Bison grazing on a ridge in Yellowstone
Bison grazing in Yellowstone National Park

NPS / Neal Herbert

Reports and publications produced by the National Park Service reflect the range of research conducted by park staff and partners.The links on these pages are a starting point to discover research results and their park management applications.

The IRMA Portal

IRMA (Integrated Resource Management Applications) is your web-based gateway to information and applications related to parks and park resources. Learn more about IRMA. From IRMA you can discover

The IRMA Data Store - Search for and browse documents, data sets, geospatial data, and other information related to national parks. Enter a search term and the park you're interested in, and you'll retrieve a list of titles and associated information, many with the full-text document or data file attached. NPS research staff also publish in peer-reviewed professional journals. Many of these articles are referenced in the Data Store. You can also view publication highlights on this site.

Park Visitor Use Statistics - Retrieve comprehensive data, graphs, reports, and statistics on park visitor use, including recreation visits, overnight stays, and traffic counts.

Aquarius Web Data Portal - Search, view, and download continuous water quality and quantity data from monitoring locations in and adjacent to parks.
Research Permits and Reporting - View research results and read park-specific research conditions and priorities. Apply for a permit to conduct scientific research in a park and report on findings.

NPSpecies - Search, view, and download occurrence and status information on species in over 300 parks.

Park Planning and Environmental Comment - Find park planning and environmental documents, projects that are open for public comment, and park policy documents.

A botanist closely examines a plant
Conducting field work in the Mojave desert

Publication Series and Collections

These series and collections typically focus on specific geographic areas, topics, or disciplines. Many of the reports in these series are also discoverable in the IRMA Data Store.

Park Science - A research and resource management journal; focuses on recent and ongoing natural and social science and related cultural research related to park planning, management, and policy.

Alaska Park Science - Information from ongoing and recently completed research in and around Alaska’s national parks; covers disciplines in the biological, physical, cultural, and social sciences.

Yellowstone Science - Information from scientists and researchers highlighting in-depth, science-based articles about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

The George Wright Forum - Published from 1981-2018; articles related to natural and cultural resources in parks, protected areas, and cultural sites. Parks Stewardship Forum is the successor journal beginning in 2019.

Natural Resource Report Series - Reports about natural resources on lands managed by the NPS. This series presents quantifiable data, data analysis, and interpretive discussion; planning reports; and reports with a significant focus on NPS policy or land management issues.

Natural Resource Data Series - Periodic or preliminary release of data sets and data summaries. Data reported are limited to those collected, processed, and analyzed following peer-reviewed and published Inventory & Monitoring Division protocols.

Natural Sounds and Night Skies - Google Scholar compilation of publications from the NPS Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division.

Natural Resource Condition Assessments - Prepared for parks with significant natural resources. Reports on current conditions, critical data gaps, and selected condition influences for a subset of park natural resources. (See all reports in the Data Store)

State of the Park Reports - Prepared for 52 parks. Summaries of the current condition of park resources, visitor experience, and park infrastructure. Assessed by a combination of available factual information and the expert opinion and professional judgment of park staff and subject matter experts.

Park Administrative Histories - Accounts of the origin, establishment, and evolution of National Park Service units, and how they have been administered up to the present.

National Park Service History eLibrary - a portal to an extensive collection of electronic publications covering the history of the National Park Service. Incudes the cultral and natural history of the national parks, monuments, and historic sites of the National Park System. (Not an NPS site)

A technician uses delicate tools to repair a woven basket
Conservators are trained to understand the physical chemistry of materials, how materials change with age and climate, and how their actions to conserve the piece will affect this chemistry.

NPS/ Dana Senge

Museum Collections - Objects and specimens from a diverse range of subjects, along with associated documentation and archival collections. Not all park collections are available online.

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training - Publications focused on tools, materials, and approaches to conserving buildings, landscapes, sites, and collections; advances in science and technology related to cultural resources management.
Civil war cannon in the foreground, with hills in autumn foliage in the distance
Gettysburg landscape, the Round Tops


Other Collections of Interest

The restoration, maintenance, and management of historical sites, landscapes, and artifacts require multiple disciplines and areas of expertise. Parks document their work so that others can learn from the techniques they have used.

Cultural Landscape Reports - Primary reports that document the history, significance, and treatment of NPS cultural landscapes.

Historic Structure Reports - Primary reports that document the condition of NPS historic properties; present management goals; and serve as a guide for changes during repair, rehabilitation, restoration, or reconstruction.

Combined Historic Structure Reports and Cultural Landscape Reports - Contain both Cultural Landscape Reports and Historic Structure Reports as described in previous entries.

Historic Grounds Reports - Precursors (1958 – 1985) to Cultural Landscape Reports; treatment plans for NPS historic landscapes.

Historic Furnishing Reports - Documentation of furnishings exhibited in NPS historic structures, history of a structure’s use and interior appearance, and plan for recreating or maintaining historic interiors.

National Park Service History Electronic Library - A digital repository of publications covering the history of the National Park Service and the cultural and natural history of its national parks, monuments, and historic sites. (Site is outside of

HABS / HAER / HALS (available from the Library of Congress) - Historic American Buildings Survey / Historic American Engineering Record / Historic American Landscapes Survey Collection. The three surveys that form this collection result from tripartite agreements among the Library of Congress, the National Park Service, and professional architecture, engineering, and landscape architecture associations. HABS is the oldest collection and began in 1933 as a WPA program. HAER began in 1969. HALS began in 2000.

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