Alaska Park Science

Alaska Park Science is an award-winning journal published by the National Park Service, Alaska Regional Office. The journal reports information from on-going and recently completed research in and around Alaska’s national parklands. Alaska Park Science covers all relevant scientific disciplines in the biological, physical, cultural, and social sciences.

Although Alaska Park Science is not a discipline-specific journal, we are committed to excellence in quality and accuracy. Therefore all articles are reviewed by at least two individuals with sufficient technical or scientific expertise in the subject matter to offer substantive comments on the content of the article. 

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An aerial view of a school of spawning salmon.

Changes in Snowpack Impacts Salmon

Snowpack is changing with a warming climate. Learn how that can impact salmon.

Grizzly sow and cubs along a stream.

Bears as Salmon Sleuths

Location data from grizzly bear collars led us to discover salmon streams deep in the Brooks Range.

A vial of water with images of species with DNA found.

Biodiversity Surveys with eDNA

Environmental DNA can help us identify species in waterbodies, even early detection of invasive species.

An archaeological dig site.

Zooarcheology of an Ancient Fishery

Examining fish remains at archeology sites can tell us about what species people caught and how fisheries have changed over time.

Lake trout in a net.

Where Does Mercury in Fish Come From?

Even in pristine waters, fish can have elevated levels of mercury; here's why.

Last updated: June 16, 2020