Alaska Park Science

Alaska Park Science is an award-winning journal published by the National Park Service, Alaska Regional Office. The journal reports information from on-going and recently completed research in and around Alaska’s national parklands. Alaska Park Science covers all relevant scientific disciplines in the biological, physical, cultural, and social sciences.

Although Alaska Park Science is not a discipline-specific journal, we are committed to excellence in quality and accuracy. Therefore all articles are reviewed by at least two individuals with sufficient technical or scientific expertise in the subject matter to offer substantive comments on the content of the article.  Learn more about science and scientists in Alaska. 

Beringia: A Shared Heritage
The new issue of Alaska Park Science celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Shared Beringia Heritage Program. Articles in this issue highlight examples of projects that demonstrate the history, intent, and accomplishments of the program.

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Traditional dancers of all ages.

Qatŋut Celebration

Qatŋut is a traditional trade fair that celebrates dance, food, culture, connections, and trade among Indigenous Bering Strait peoples.

Currents in the Bering Strait.

Ocean Currents and Food Security

Knowledge of ocean currents, passed down from Elders to youth, is critical to the food security of Indigenous Peoples of the Bering Strait.

Traditional clay pots in a wood fire.

Cultural Exchange and Ceramic Analysis

Ceramics describe the mobility of social networks across Beringia and how people adapted to changing environmental & social conditions.

Youth look closely at a soil core.

Nome Archaeology Camp

High school students from across Alaska learn about the cultural heritage of the Bering Strait—past and present.

Youth stand on a coastal cliff photographing birds.

A Thousand Miles of Islands

United by natural and human history but separated by nations, youth from the Bering Sea islands come together.

A humpback whale breaches.

Beringia National Park

Beringia National Park is a spectacular example of Arctic biodiversity and vibrant Indigenous culture.

A wildflower in a rocky location with volcanoes.

Floristic Changes in the Aleutians

The islands of the Aleutian Archipelago emerge like stepping stones across the North Pacific, linking Asia and North America.

A spoon-billed sandpiper nesting.

Beringia's Iconic Shorebirds

The Beringia region’s Arctic and subarctic habitats are globally important nesting areas for shorebirds.

Fur seal colony.

Fur Seal History in Alaska

The fur seal industry centered in the Pribilof Islands of the Bering Sea led to international protection.

Reindeer herd on the beach.

The Reindeer Service in Alaska

An audit of the Reindeer Service in 1905 documents the sociopolitical context of early years of Native reindeer herding in Alaska.

Last updated: December 15, 2021