Science Publication Series

Introduced in 2024, the National Park Service Science Publication Series broadened the scope of NPS science publications to fields beyond natural resources. It replaced the Natural Resource Publication Series, whose 5,000+ reports are all still available. The Science Publication Series is managed by the NPS Inventory & Monitoring Division.

Science Report Series

The National Park Service Science Report series disseminates information, analysis, and results of scientific studies and related topics concerning resources and lands managed by the National Park Service. The series supports the advancement of science, informed decisionmaking, and the achievement of the National Park Service mission.

Reports published in the series are assigned a series number, a TIC number, and a digital object identifier (doi). They receive NPS branding and are uploaded to the National Park Service’s online information repository, IRMA, where they are made permanently available for use by both internal and public audiences.

For information on submitting a report to the series, please see the links below. For questions not answered on these pages, contact series manager Fagan Johnson.

Last updated: May 28, 2024