girl holds fish as ranger describes it
Learning about fish at Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

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In early June 2018, the National Park Service and other federal agencies are releasing a special Junior Ranger “Let’s Go Fishing!” Activity Booklet.

For parks, NPS programs, and partners, this is a perfect opportunity to invite visitors of all ages to learn more about fishing, whether they are just beginning or have extensive experience. Join in as we are “Celebrating the Great Outdoors”—the NPS June Monthly Message!

#GoFishingInParks is another great way to #FindYourPark!

For our partners, here are some ideas and thought-starters for using this theme in your activities, programs, and communications.

  • Share your fish tales!
  • Explore ways to encourage experienced anglers to share their expertise—and love for fishing—with beginners.
  • What are some wonderful but lesser-known fishing spots in your park or area? Do a series in social media about them!
  • Are there curious #FishFacts you can post about the fish in your park?
  • How has fishing been important throughout history in various cultures, traditions, and economies? What does it mean for communities today?
  • Share information about the ecosystems that sustain fish in your park or area.
  • How do “Catch and Release” and “Leave No Trace” principles conserve the areas where fish thrive? How do they support sustainable fisheries?
  • Did a historic personality associated with your park or program especially enjoy fishing?
  • People aren’t the only anglers! What other creatures engage in fishing?
  • Let’s look at the many types of fishing! Where do people fish? Shorelines, boats, docks… And what equipment do they use? Fly, reel, trawl… Why do some anglers prefer one over the other?
  • Can you connect your fishing experience to the 50th anniversary of the National Trails and Wild & Scenic Rivers?
  • Do you have any fabulous fish recipes? Share them with your visitors and followers!

Junior Ranger “Let’s Go Fishing” Activity Booklet

Get reeled into fishing with the new Junior Ranger “Let’s Go Fishing!” Activity Booklet created by the National Park Service and our friends at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Let’s invite kids to download and complete the new activity booklet! A print version of the booklet will be available at a growing number of parks over the summer. Learn more about parks with fishing—and remind visitors to call first to see if their park has the booklet.

Some Tips:

  • Check out the Fish & Fishing subject site for information about fishing regulations, places to fish, and other great tips.
  • Keep in mind that not all parks can offer fishing opportunities, especially those with cultural resources such as battlefields and other sensitive landscapes. Fishing regulations also vary from park to park. Check with the park before you go.

Communications Toolkits for Partners

#GoFishingInParks is one of several NPS Communications mini-campaigns for 2018. Join us for these throughout the year—and explore the 2018 Monthly Themes and more in our Communications Toolkits for Partners.

the sun begins to set as a canoe floats on a serene lake surrounded by mountains
Fishing on Quartz Lake at Glacier National Park

NPS/Jacob W. Frank

Last updated: June 1, 2018