Fishing in Parks

National Parks offer many fishing opportunities; ranging from fly fishing along the Flathead River in Glacier to crabbing off Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Since fishing has the ability to alter fish populations, the National Park Service regulates fishing.

Use the map below to decide where to fish in National Parks and learn the regulations that apply to conserve fish for future generations.

Find Fishing Opportunities in National Parks

This map shows parks with fishing opportunities available. Click on a point of interest and use the key below the map to learn about the types of fishing allowed and regulations.

Map Key:

Park website and park fishing page: Check with the park(s) you’re visiting to learn about types of fishing and specific regulations in that park.

National Park Service servicewide fishing regulations: These regulations apply in most parks.

State fishing regulations: The NPS adopts non-conflicting state fishing regulations of the state(s) where the park is located. If there’s a question between whether an NPS or state rule applies, the NPS regulation is in effect.

Park special regulations: Sometimes parks need to add regulations to adequately protect fish and their habits to comply with the NPS mission.

Park Superintendent’s Compendium: Park superintendents may create temporary or emergency regulations to protect park fish.

Why Regulations?

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Last updated: May 31, 2022