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Consultation on Karuk baskets at the San Diego Museum of Man.

Courtesy of San Diego Museum of Man.

NAGPRA requires Federal agencies and institutions that receive Federal funds (including museums, universities, state agencies, and local governments) to repatriate or transfer Native American human remains and other cultural items to the appropriate parties by--

Common Questions about NAGPRA

Who must comply with NAGPRA and what must they do?

» Compliance

Who is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the implementation of NAGPRA?

» Review Committee

What if a museum fails to comply with NAGPRA or someone violates the law?

» Enforcement

What funding is available for repatriation under NAGPRA?

» Grants

Where can I learn more about the law and the regulations?

» Law and Policy

What other information is available about NAGPRA?

» Reference Library

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► Watch a training session called NAGPRA Basics (recorded in 2014) or find an upcoming class or webinar

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