Manage Grants

Reporting and Grant Requirements

Grantees should meet all the requirements and conditions outlined in their grant agreement. The Historic Preservation Fund Grants Manual provides detailed guidance on all grants funded through the Historic Preservation Fund.

The objective of your reporting is to provide information to the National Park Service about measurable accomplishments under your grant agreement. The grant agreement is the document that outlines all requirements for you award and is a legal document. You are required to comply with the terms and conditions of your grant agreement.

To assist you in complying with the terms and conditions of your grant, we use a series of forms, optional templates, and software to gather data on grant-supported activities.

GrantSolutions Grants Management Platform

All Department of the Interior grants, including those awarded by the State, Tribal, Local, Plans & Grants Division from the Historic Preservation Fund use a web-based grants management platform. This platform, called GrantSolutions will be used to formally accept your grant, manage interim and final reporting, and request modifications to an awarded grant.

Getting Started in GrantSolutions

We encourage new grantees to review the frequently asked questions section of the GrantSolutions website to understand how common actions will work in the platform. Common issues, like account creation, user roles, compatible web browsers, and how to receive technical assistance are all discussed. Grantees are responsible for creating, maintaining, and closing user accounts in GrantSolutions. Once you have created your GrantSolutions account credentials, you will log in using will mean that you can now use the same username and password combination that you use for systems like and to access GrantSolutions. If you already have a account, you should go to, select Manage Account and ensure that the email address associated with your GrantSolutions account is listed in your account.

Grant recipients will mostly use the Grants Management Module (GMM) of GrantSolutions. Additional training and information on common tasks is available from GrantSolutions. These tasks include:
  • system navigation
  • accepting a grant
  • finding your grant
  • managing amendments
  • submitting reports
  • how to log in and configure system roles
  • using Grant Notes (although this feature exists, we do not often use it)
  • submitting amendments
GrantSolutions will requires users to log in to the GrantSolutions system using

Additional Information & Support

For questions about this transition, please contact the GrantSolutions help desk at or by callling 1 866-577-0771.

Resources for Managing Grants

Requesting Payment

Grant funds are disbursed through the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP). This system allows grantees to receive funds by wire transfer or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment. In general, HPF grants are reimbursement grants. This means that you will have incurred costs before drawing down Federal award funds. Complete information on registering with ASAP, updating your registration, and requesting payments is found on our Payment Management site.

Preagreement Costs

In very special circumstances, the National Park Service may agree to allow preagreement costs to be counted toward a grantee's matching share. Any preagreement costs incurred as part of your grant project must be approved in writing and be authorized to be charged to the grant.

If NPS agrees to consider the preagreement costs for your grant project, the grantee must submit the following materials for review:

  1. A letter requesting approval for preagreement costs including: an outline of work that was completed prior to the awarding of the grant; an explanation of how the completed work fits into the proposed work being funded; and the dates the preagreement work was completed.
  2. Copies of all receipts or invoices for completed work and their accompanying payment documentation to show that funds have been expended.
  3. Copies of plans and specification for all construction work completed as part of preagreement costs. Good quality photographs showing detailed images of the completed work must be included with the plans and specification.
  4. A letter from your State Historic Preservation Office stating that they have reviewed the work under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended and that the work has had or will have no adverse effect on the property.
  5. Documentation that all contractors or consultants paid through Federal or matching grant funds were competitively selected along with a copy of the professional qualifications for the selected vendor(s).

Is This an Allowable Cost?

There are three key sources for determining the eligibility and allowability of costs under your grant. These three documents are:
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This video provides the 2020 version of information for grantees to know about how to manage their grants.

Last updated: October 31, 2022