Payment Management

Ensure Continued Access to Grant Funds: Register with for ASAP

All grantees will be required to register and enroll with multi-factor authentication in order to access ASAP. Any organization that has not registered and enrolled with the multi-factor authentication provider will not be able to access ASAP.

There is one system that ASAP recognizes to provide authentication: To access your account, you will need to be registered with this service. The Bureau of the Fiscal Service, the agency that manages ASAP, has put together some information about this transition.

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ASAP Help Desk

Bureau of the Fiscal Service, US Department of the Treasury
1-855-868-0151, option #2, then option #3 | Fax: 816-414-2120
Monday to Friday | 6:30 am to 5:30 pm Central Time


Enrollment with National Park Service in ASAP

Prior to setting up your ASAP account, all grant recipients MUST have an active registration in the System for Award Management (SAM). If you have trouble registering in this system, please contact the SAM helpdesk directly. Registration in SAM is free; you should not pay anything to establish or maintain your SAM account. Registrations in may require a notarized letter; processing of these letters may delay new and renewal registrations. provides a Quick Start Guide for new grantee registration that has helpful tips. Once your registration with is active, you should proceed to initiate enrollment.

Initiating Enrollment in ASAP

Once you are sure your organization has an active SAM registration, you can begin enrollment with ASAP. Registration with ASAP has two parts: linking the grant funding to ASAP via an account for your organization and individual user accounts within ASAP. When you initiate enrollment with ASAP, you are simultaneously creating an organizational account for your organization to which funding can be linked and also creating a user account for the individual named on enrollment paperwork. Additional individuals can be given access to the organizational account later in the process.

If you already have an ASAP account for your organization because of a previous NPS grant, do not create a new account. Skip this step.

If your organization does not have an ASAP account because you are registering with ASAP for the first time, or because your organization has an ASAP account but for another Federal agency, you must complete and submit an NPS ASAP enrollment form and submit it to Please contact your grant manager or our general delivery inbox for a copy of this form.

Once the NPS Enrollment Office has received your enrollment form, you will receive an email from ASAP.GOV with you listed as the Point of Contact (POC) for your organization. You will also receive a User ID and password. Alternately, after you receive your User ID, you may call 855-868-0151, option #2, then option #3 for ASAP to obtain a password over the phone.

The information you need to initiate your enrollment are:

  • Unique Entity Identifier
  • EIN
  • type of organization
  • contact information for the Point of Contact (this will be the person who can later add other authorized users)

NOTE: As the POC, you may assign yourself to all roles within the system. This will expedite the enrollment process. Once enrolled, you can reassign the roles to maintain a proper separation of duties.

You must complete the steps outlined below within 45 days of the ASAP Enrollment office contacting you. If you do not do so, your account will be deleted and you will have to start over from the beginning!

Finalizing Enrollment in ASAP

In order to finalize your enrollment, you must add banking data to your ASAP account and may optionally add additional users. We very strongly recommend that you read through all of the actions below and consider adding staff to meet your organizational and risk management needs.

In order to finalize your enrollment with ASAP, please review the following:

  1. Make sure that you have initiated enrollment with ASAP via the National Park Service by completing an enrollment form and submitting it to Please contact your grant manager or our general delivery inbox for a copy of this form.
  2. Make sure that you have received your account information for multi-factor authentication and that you are the Point of Contact (POC)

If your organization has an active organizational account with ASAP and you have an active user account, you can then log into ASAP and add your banking information and any additional users you want. Remember, the POC role is required role and anything else is optional.

Reminders for Using ASAP

All users will be required to enable multi-factor authentication with ID validation. This means that you will need to work with the authentication service selected by the US Department of the Treasury/ASAP to provide any information they need to establish your user account.

Point of Contact New Recipient Adds Additional Users

  1. Enrollments (Tabs)
  2. From the Enrollments tab drop down menu
  3. Click "Add Officials"
  4. Click "Organization Pending Enrollment"
  5. Verify Organization information
  6. Click "Accept"
  7. Step 1 of 3 – Enter Recipient Organization Officials
  8. Enter Officials Name & Information
  9. Select all Roles that apply
    • Head of Organization (HOO) - approves changes to users and their roles
    • Authorizing Official (AO) - adds payment requestors and inquirer only users
    • Financial Official (FO) - enters and maintains banking account information
    • Point of Contact (POC) - adds users or modified their roles; this is the minimum role that must be associated with your account
    • Payment Requestor - initiates payment requests
    • Inquirer Only - can only run reports; no other role allowed
  10. Click "Continue"
  11. Step 2 of 3 –Review Officials
  12. Click "Submit"
  13. Step 3 of 3 – Define Officials Confirmation

Head of Organization to Approved Officials/Roles

  1. Enrollments (Tab)
  2. Select: Approve Recipient Organization Officials
  3. Select Recipient Organization
  4. Continue
  5. Action: Approve all Officials listed
  6. Step 2 of 2 – Confirmation
  7. Action should say Approve

Authorizing Official Defines Recipient Profile

  1. Enrollments (Tab)
  2. From the Enrollments drop down menu click on "Define Recipient Organization Information"
  3. Step 1 of 2, Enter Recipient Organization Information
  4. Enter a Recipient Organization Short Name (this is used on ACH and Fedwire Transactions and is visible to NPS staff)
  5. Scroll down
  6. In the System access field select only
  7. Submit
  8. Step 2 of 2, Recipient Organization Information Confirmation

Authorizing Official Defines Recipient Organization Users

  1. Enrollments (Tab)
  2. From the Enrollments drop down menu click on "Add Users and Roles" and then on "Organization Pending Enrollment"
  3. Step 1 of 3, Enter User Information, Define the user profile including assigning the user role
  4. Step 2 of 3, Review User Information
  5. Step 3 of 3, User Enrollment Confirmation

Financial Official Defines Banking Information/New User

  1. Enrollments (Tab)
  2. From the Enrollments drop down menu click on "Add Banking Data"
  3. Select "Recipient"
  4. Continue
  5. Step 1 of 3, Enter Banking Information
  6. Click the Federal Agency(s) from which payment can be drawn for this Recipient Organization *DOI-14-10-0099
  7. Continue
  8. Step 2 of 3, Review Banking Information
  9. Financial Official Certification Important Notice
  10. Accept
  11. Step 3 of 3, Banking Information Confirmation
  12. Double check that payment method is ACH

This completes the enrollment portion for the Financial Official. If you successfully linked your banking information, you will receive a confirmation number.

Software Requirements

Grant recipients connect to through a secure connection. The minimum software/platform required to use is Windows 7 and above and a browser that supports TLS 1.2. Recipients using Windows XP or Vista or who use Internet Explorer versions released prior to 8.0 will not be able to access Configuration instructions for recipients who use Internet Explorer (versions 8.0 and higher), Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers have been provided by

If you have previously bookmarked for quick access, please make sure you are using the updated URL Older links to other versions of the site may no longer work.

Helpful Tip

Maintain your account by logging in at least every 90 days. If your account access is deactivated due to inactivity, please contact the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, US Department of the Treasury ASAP Help Desk.

Visit our keyboard shortcuts docs for details
6 minutes, 23 seconds

This training will help you learn how to get your HPF grant funds through the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP).

Requesting Payments

All Historic Preservation Fund grants are reimbursement grants; ordinarily, recipients must have incurred costs before drawing down Federal award funds. To draw funds, submit a payment request through ASAP. Payment requests should be limited to the amount of costs incurred during the payment period. Once you have initiated the drawdown within ASAP, funds will be pushed to your bank generally within one business day via Automated Clearing House (ACH). Faster same-day delivery of funds may be available via the Federal Reserve Wire Network (Fedwire®). You can select the payment vehicle within the ASAP drawdown process.

General information on using ASAP and upcoming training sessions may be found at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service website.

If you need to return funds, you may do so in the ASAP system within 31 days of the drawdown. If more time has passed, contact your grant manager.

Information Needed to Draw Down Funds

  • Grant agreement
  • ASAP username and password with appropriate privileges
  • ASAP ID (also called Recipient ID); this is a 7 digit number
  • ASAP account ID; this is a combination of your grant number and 4-8 additional alphanumeric characters
  • User role of Payment Requestor
  • Knowledge of whether your award is High Risk or High Risk with Agency Review

For record keeping purposes, you may wish to send a copy of the SF-270 Request for Advance or Reimbursement form to your NPS grant manager. The form is helpful in maintaining accurate financial records and may be required for recipients determined to be high or medium risk to submit in advance of drawing funds. Your grant agreement will outline if and when this form is required.

How to Request Payment (Draw Down Funds)

  • Verify that the role of Payment Requestor has been added to your User ID by logging into ASAP and selecting the "Payment Request" tab.
    • If the role has been correctly added, you should see a list of options appear below the tab.
    • If the Payment Requestor role has not been added to you User ID, the person at your organization with the role of Authorizing Official will need to log in to and selecting the "Enrollments" tab, then "Add Users & Roles," then "Enrolled Organization." Then, the Authorizing Official user should enter information for the user that should be added as a Payment Requestor.
  • Select "Initiate Payment Requests (PR)"
  1. Retrieve Account(s)
    • Select your Bank Relationship (Bank Account)
    • Template field is not required to be completed; recommend to leave blank
    • Select Payment Request Type (usually "Individual")
    • Select Payment Method
      • Payments will process next business day for ACH
      • Payments will usually process the same business day for Fedwire
    • Set requested settlement date; settlement date means the date by which you want the funds in your account (most users select the next business day)
    • Requestor Reference Number: this field should not be completed and should be left blank
    • Once the above steps are complete, click "Continue"
    • On the next screen, verify the Recipient ID is correct. If this field is empty, enter your Recipient ID here.
    • Select the ALC/Region for the National Park Service (14100099)
    • Account ID: this field should not be competed and should be left blank
    • Once the above steps are complete, click "Continue"
  2. Payment Transactions
    • "Enter Payment Transactions" allows you to locate your account and enter your desired drawdown amount. The amount should be entered on this screen under the "Amount Requested" for your corresponding Account ID
    • Once you have entered an amount in the "Amount Requested" field, click continue at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the next step
  3. Review Payment Transactions
    • Review data, make any corrections and click the "Submit" button to make the payment request
  4. Payment Transaction Confirmation
    • recommends that you print the confirmation of the payment request for your records
    • When you are ready, you may leave this screen by selecting the "Home" tab

Payment Methods

There are three types of payment methods in ASAP. This means that you can request that grant funds be paid out to you in any one of three methods: payment via Fedwire®, payment via ACH with same day payment, and payment via ACH with next business day payment. The difference between the methods is the speed with which funds will be deposited into your bank account. Fedwire® is wire transfer between ASAP and your bank. ACH, or Automated Clearing House, is very similar to online bill payment services offered by many banks. Most bank accounts should be configured to receive payments by either methods; however, you may wish to double-check this.

Requesting Same Day Payment

  • Request payment via Fedwire® (same-day payment may not be available if the request is made after 5:45 pm Eastern Monday - Friday)

  • Request payment via ACH (same-day payment not available for large amounts or for any request made later in the day; if you need same-day ACH payment, plan to make your request generally not later than 11 am Eastern)

Requesting Next Business Day Payment

  • Request payment via ACH (if you elect to receive payment via ACH for the next business day, there is no restriction on the dollar amount requested or the time of day the request is made)

Additional Information for High Risk or High Risk with Agency Review Awards

If your grant has been identified as High Risk or High Risk with Agency Review, you must submit additional documentation to your grant manager prior to initiating a payment request in ASAP.

Payment Requests for High Risk Awards

  1. submit an SF-270 with supporting documentation to your grant manager
  2. receive approval to make drawdown from grant manager
  3. submit a payment request in ASAP, following the guidance above

Payment Request for High Risk with Agency Review Awards

  1. submit an SF-270 with supporting documentation to your grant manager
  2. receive approval to make drawdown from grant manager
  3. submit a payment request in ASAP
  4. wait for the National Park Service Accounting Operations Center to configure ASAP to allow you to draw only the approved amount (note that you may or may not be notified by ASAP when this happens, so it is important to coordinate with your grant manager)
  5. finalize payment request in ASAP, following the guidance above

Returning Funds

Grantees usually need to return funds if they accidentally draw too much, draw from the wrong account, or have had costs disallowed.

If you need to return funds against a drawdown, you may do so at anytime within ASAP, as long as the account is still open. If the account is closed, please contact your grant manager for further instructions.

Returning Funds Using ASAP

To initiate the return of some or all funding from a drawdown request, log in to ASAP and select "Return ACH Payment" from the Payment Requests menu.
  1. Retrieve Payment Information
    • Enter a Payment Settlement Date range. This is the date range that includes the original payment settlement date you requested.
    • Enter a Payment Amount range. This is a dollar amount range that includes the original payment amount.
    • Optional fields that may be completed to help narrow your search
      • Recipient ID (also referred to as your ASAP ID)
      • Agency Location Code/Region (ALC)
      • Account ID is the full account code from which the original draw was made
      • Requestor Reference Number will allow you to search based on data entered in this field when you made the initial draw; however, most grantees will not find this a useful search as we recommend leaving this field blank during the drawdown process
    • Click "Continue" to search for corresponding payments (drawdowns)
    • Select the payment (drawdown) amount
      • Select the radio button to the left of the payment amount that corresponds to the drawdown against which you are returning funds
      • Click "Continue" to display original payment request details, including the Recipient Organization, grant awarding agency, and the account from which the original payment was requested and to which it will be returned
  2. Enter Return Payment Amount
    • Enter the return amount. This is the amount you are returning to the National Park Service.
    • Enter the return reason. This is the reason you are returning funds; you will select a reason from the dropdown menu provided.
    • Enter the return reference number.
    • Click "Continue" when all required fields have been completed.
  3. Review Return Payment Amount
    • This screen is the final opportunity to review the return request before it is finalized.
    • If the data displayed are correct, click "Submit" to initiate the return via ACH.
  4. Return Payment Initiation Confirmation
    • Review the ACH debit agreement carefully. If you agree to the terms, click "I Agree:" otherwise, click "Cancel." If you click "Cancel," you will be returned to step 3.
    • Once you authorize the origination of the return payment, i.e., ACH debit, the system displays a confirmation page. The status will display "Pending" which means that the return payment is awaiting settlement on the following business day.
On the day the funds you are returning settle, the return payment will be debited from the bank account you associated with ASAP and transferred back to the US Department of the Treasury. You may receive a confirmation email when this happens, but we do not, so please let your grant manager know when you are returning funds and when the return has been processed.

Drawing Down of Returned Funds

Funds returned to ASAP via the above method (ACH) will appear in your account balance on the settlement date. However, in will take up to two additional business days after the settlement date for them to be available for you to draw against.

Returning Funds by Check

This is not the preferred method or standard way to return funding. You will need to carefully coordinate this process with your grant manager. Checks must be made out to the National Park Service (never an individual) and include the grant number. Do not send a check to any part of the National Park Service without checking with your grant manager first. Funds should be returned by check only when it is not possible to return them directly within ASAP.

Changing Account Information

After an award is made, you may have an organizational need to change some of the information associated with your grant. Please note that changing your UEI number or associated banking information can require NPS to cancel your award, resulting in the permanent loss of any remaining funding. If you anticipate needing to change your UEI or banking information, these must be made first in and then in; never delete a record in without coordinating with your grant manager. Changing UEI or banking information once an award has been made is risky; you should contact your grant manager well in advance of proposing changes to any of these items.

You can make the following changes to your ASAP account as a grantee (Recipient Organization - RO):

  • UEI - see note above

  • EIN

  • Recipient Organization Name

  • Recipient Organization ID

  • Add officials to an active Recipient Organization

If you would like to change or updated officials for an active Recipient Organization (called Points of Contact (POCs) or the Head of Organization (HOO) by ASAP), NPS must review and approve the change.

To make these changes, please take the following steps:

  1. Download and complete blocks 1 and 2 of the ASAP Recipient Organization Action Request Form. Please contact your grant manager or our general delivery inbox for a copy of this form.

  2. Submit this request to the NPS ASAP Help Desk

  3. NPS ASAP Help Desk will complete block 3 and return the form to you

  4. Prepare one letter on organizational letterhead outlining all requested changes and have the letter signed by an authorized official

  5. Submit the form and the signed letter to

Renewing System for Award Management ( Registration

Grantees are required by 2 CFR 200 and the terms of their grant agreement to maintain a current registration with as long as they have an active grant. Usernames and passwords for are managed through
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