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Women picketing at the white house
Preservation Grants to tell the Story of Equal Rights for All Americans

Funded through the Historic Preservation Fund, the History of Equal Rights grant program preserves sites related to the struggle for any or all people to achieve equal rights in America. The History of Equal Rights grants are not limited to any specific group and are intended to include the broadest possible interpretation of sites associated with efforts to achieve equal rights. This program funds physical preservation work and pre-preservation planning activities for sites that are listed in or determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places or as a National Historic Landmark. Should a site not be listed, or not listed for its association with equal rights, then a new nomination or amendment must be created as part of the grant project.

Grants under this program are awarded through a competitive process and do not require non-Federal match. Application packages must be submitted using grants.gov in response to a notice of funding opportunity number under Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) 15.904.

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    To learn more about the ways that the National Park Service is connected to the preservation of historic sites nationwide, check out the links below. Feel free to look up specific properties listed as National Historic Landmarks or properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places using these sites.