NFD Partners - Avocational Groups

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Paleontological Society -

Birmingham Paleontological Society -

Calvert Maritime Museum Fossil Club -

Cincinnati Dry Dredgers -

Dallas Paleontological Society -

Delaware Valley Paleontological Society -

Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois -

East Texas Gem and Mineral Society -

Florida Fossil Hunters -

Florida Paleontological Society -

Fossil Club of Lee County -

Friends of Big Bone Lick -

Houston Gem and Mineral Society -

Kentucky Paleontological Society -

Manasota Fossil Club -

Michigan Mineralogical Society -

Mid-America Paleontology Society -

Nevada Friends of Paleontology -

New Haven Mineral Club -

New Jersey Paleontological Society -

North Carolina Fossil Club -

North Coast Fossil Club -

Northwest Paleontological Society -

Outside Las Vegas Foundation -

Oxnard Gem and Mineral Club -

Paleo Quest -

Paleontological Society of Austin -

Protectors of Tule Spings -

Southern Illinois Earth Science Club -

Southwest Florida Fossil Club -

Southwest Paleontological Society -

Tampa Bay Fossil Club -

Utah Friends of Paleontology -

Western Interior Paleontological Society -

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Last updated: February 10, 2017