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[Note: The Covid-19 pandemic has had major impacts around the globe and in the United States with the very sad loss of life and tremendous impacts to the economy. All National Fossil Day Partners have been impacted and have had to alter and adjust their operations. Please check back for updated information on this year's events and Virtual Fossil Day activities which we will post as they become available.]


Join in the fossil fun as national parks and partners hold National Fossil Day events across the country. Meet paleontologists, sift for fossils, go on scavenger hunts, and more. Most events are either on or around National Fossil Day.

This website will be updated with park and partner sponsored events as quickly as possible, but there are many other local, unafiliated, or guided fossil events that can be discovered elsewhere on the internet. Check the websites of your local community calendar, college, university, museum, or geologic society to see what they may be offering.

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Virtual Fossil Day

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Use this sortable listing of NFD partners to find nearby events and web-based virtual activities that may be available.

NOTE: Test data currently includes Agency, Museum, and Fossil Site partners only.

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To add your organization's event to the NFD website, please contact us with the following information:

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Organizations are encouraged to hold events—following CDC guidelines for Covid-19 safety—to celebrate National Fossil Day on the scheduled NFD date, the weekend before or after, or another date that works for them.

Last updated: September 28, 2020