The Railroad at Stones River

African American men work along a railroad track.
Formerly enslaved African Americans repair tracks along the Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad.

Completed in January 1854, the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad played a crucial role in shaping the landscapes of Stones River National Battlefield. The railroad served as a vital supply line for both armies as they struggled for control of Tennessee. The raised track bed was the scene of some of the most important fighting of the Battle of Stones River. Following the Civil War the railroad played a key role in commemoration and memory on the battlefield.

  • Steam locomotives sit on railroad tracks in front of brick buildings.
    Rails of Plenty

    Discover the critical role of the railroad in supplying armies during the Civil War.

  • Drawing of Union cannon and infantry firing at oncoming Confederate lines.
    Fighting Along The Rails

    What role did the railroad play in the Battle of Stones River? Find out here.

  • A fortified log structure stands to the left of tents and wooden buildings.
    Protecting the Lifeline

    Discover how the Union army protected its ever growing rail supply line as it drove deeper south.

  • Railroad tracks pass by a platform with a sign that reads Cemetery.
    Remembering By Rail

    Learn how the railroad influenced preservation and interpretation at Stones River National Battlefield.

Last updated: January 4, 2021

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