Port Oneida Farms and Buildings

Visit the links below to take learn about the farms and buildings in the Port Oneida area and its history.

Wonder what some of the buildings were used for? Browse the Farm Buildings Description page. You can also explore other farms and cultural resources in the Lakeshore.


Charles Olsen Farm - Home of the Port Oneida Heritage Center where visitors can learn about the historic district. Operated and maintained by Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear

Dechow Farm

Kelderhouse Cemetery

Kelderhouse Farm

Port Oneida School - Owned and maintained by Glen Lake Schools

John Burfiend Farm

Miller Barn

Barratt Pig Barn

Carsten Burfiend Farm

Martin Basch Farm

Eckerdt Farm

Ole Olsen Farm

Schmidt Farm

Weaver Farm - House in woods falling down

Peter Burfiend Farm

Lawr Farm

North Unity School

Werner Farm

Brunson Barn

Thoreson Farm


Last updated: May 13, 2024

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