Horseback Trail Rides

This table includes downloadable pdfs for suggested trail ride routes. When choosing a route make sure to note the parking areas, riding directions, and mileage listed. There are two route types: roundtrip rides proceed to a destination and return by the same route and circuit rides begin and end at the same point without retracing steps. Enjoy your ride!

Suggested Trail Rides

Distance (miles) Trip (pdf) Description (W=suitable for wet and winter conditions)
1-9 Keyser Run Roundtrip Riding this gated gravel road takes you past a walled cemetery and former homesites. (W)
1-9 Old Rag/Weakley Hollow Fire Roads Roundtrip Ride to historic Post Office Junction, with optional side trip to Upper Whiteoak Waterfall. (W)
1-9 Heiskell Hollow and Beecher Ridge Enjoy wilderness solitude on narrow woodland trails.
1-9 South River and Pocosin Roundtrip Visit the third highest waterfall in the park and see the Pocosin Mission ruins.
1-15 Browns Gap Roundtrip From this gap, ride in either direction on a gravel road that was an 1806 turnpike. (W)
1-15 Madison Run and Big Run Portal A rugged ride to the beautiful Big Run wilderness valley, largest watershed in the park.
1-15 Rose River Roundtrip Even your horse can see a waterfall from this gravel road formerly known as the Gordonsville Pike. (W)
1-20 Rapidan Roundtrip This 10-mile (one-way) gravel road wends its way in and out of the Park on public lands. (W)
1-20 North Fork Moormans River (and Paine Run option) Criss-cross the spectacular North Fork Moormans River with its abundant, popular swimming holes.
1-30 Rapidan and Rose River Loops A variety of circuits (from 8 to 28 miles long) make be ridden in this area.
1-30 South Fork Moormans River Roundtrip Ride this quiet road from Jarman Gap to the Sugar Hollow Reservior. (W)
10-15 Rose River, Stony Man, and Upper Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Falls, slow roller coaster ride up and down through the mountains.
10-15 Thornton River and Piney Branch via Hull School Pass former home (and school) sites and splash through mountain streams.
10-15 Thornton River and Piney Branch via Keyser Run Starting on gravel and moving to the woods, you will never be far from mountain streams.
10-20 Mt. Marshall, Bluff, and Harris Hollow Travel a mostly wilderness route while in the park. Quiet county roads make this trip a circuit.
15-20 South River and Pocosin Circuit Visit the third highest waterfall in the park and see the Pocosin Mission ruins.
15-20 Simmons Gap Semi-Circuit Start in the park, then ride county roads through Sugar Grove and Bacon Hollow. (W)
15-20 Hazel Country Semi-Circuit Explore the wilderness while riding past former homesites and farms.
15-20 Jenkins Gap, Browntown, Bluff, and Mt. Marshall Wilderness trails, timeworn byways, and quiet county roads lend variety to these circuits.
15-20 Fork Mountain and Rapidan River These excellent circuits include historic Rapidan Camp, mountain climbs, and river fords.
25-35 Old Rag and Rose River Loop Get up early and ride all day (approximately 30 miles) through spectacular scenery.

Last updated: March 4, 2019

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