Special Conditions for Bicycling Events


Special Conditions

The permittee must obtain all permits or licenses of the Commonwealth of Virginia or local governments, as applicable, necessary to conduct the business activities specified above and must operate in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Vehicle, operator, license, and permit compliance inspections may occur at any time by National Park Service personnel.

The permittee shall pay the United States for any damage resulting from this use which would not reasonably be inherent in the use which the permittee is authorized to make of the land described in this permit.

Health and Sanitation
The permittee will comply with applicable public health and sanitation standards and codes. The permittee or its employees are not authorized to use the park’s dump stations. The permittee is responsible for the removal of all trash associated with the permittee’s visit to the park and is prohibited from depositing commercial waste into park trash containers.

Area Use
This permit is applicable only for the use of the area, term, and conditions designated herein. The area(s) authorized for use under this permit must be left in substantially the same condition as it was prior to the activities authorized herein.

Approved Locations
The use of a bicycle is prohibited except on park roads, in parking areas and routes designated for bicycle use.

The permittee will be required to pay all applicable park fees. A non-refundable fee of $200.00 for application and administration of the SUP. Entrance fees are required at Entrance Stations.

Permittee will ensure that each member of the group has adequate food and water for the proposed itinerary, appropriate footwear, clothing, a bicycle helmet and sun block. A helmet approved by CSPC, ASTM, Snell or equivalent foreign standard for bicycle use must be worn by all participants, including staff, while bicycling inside the park. Recommended additional items include flashlight and map.

Support Vehicle
The support vehicle will carry extra bicycles, bicycle parts and tools, first aid equipment, extra clothing, food, and water. The van will stop only at designated parking areas except in emergency situations. The van will display company name on the side of the vehicle. The support vehicle must travel at the speed of traffic, not at the speed of the bicycle group. The support vehicle shall not impede the flow of normal or emergency traffic.

First Aid
A group-size first aid kit will be carried by each group.

Group Size
The total number of bicycles on the Skyline Line Drive associated with this permit may be limited, with no more than 20 arriving at an entrance station at one time.

The trip leader must provide an orientation to trip participants about basic bicycling etiquette when traveling on roads, park rules and regulations, safety procedures, resource protection information, litter, personal safety, and emergencies. Riders must use overlooks to pull off of Skyline Drive in order to allow vehicular traffic to pass.

Comfort/Hydration Stations
All hydration stations set up along bike routes must be unobtrusive and not detract from the scenery or negatively impact private park visitors. Structures and shade awnings may be permitted, but must receive additional approvals. Hydration stations and equipment must be secured so as to prevent any consumption by wildlife. No food or unsecured hydration equipment may be left unattended.

Inclement Weather
When operating a bicycle during periods of low visibility, or while traveling through a tunnel, or between sunset and sunrise bicycles must exhibit a white light on the front and a red light on the rear of the bike. Reflectors alone do not provide adequate safety. In periods of low visibility, Park Rangers may prohibit the use of bicycles on Skyline Drive for the safety of the riders.

Reporting Accidents
An accident resulting in personal injury, death or property damage shall be reported to the Superintendent, as soon as possible. [36 CFR 2.33, 3.4, 4.4] All motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury, personal/government property damage, or injury to park wildlife or resources must be report to park law enforcement immediately at 1-800-732-0911 or 540-999-2227. Commercial operators must remain on scene until the arrival of law enforcement officers.

Last updated: June 13, 2018

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