Nature Neighbor Project

Two gray foxes at night with city lights in the background

As a neighbor that lives near or adjacent to natural open space habitat, one may enjoy many benefits such as; spectacular views, easy access to outdoor recreation, and wildlife viewing. Along with these benefits, one may also encounter a few challenges like visits from wild creatures and the threat of wildfires.

Our goal is to help Santa Monica Mountain neighbors live with wildlife, value natural habitats, and understand what challenges that may occur when living near nature. We will provide tips and tools to help neighbors protect their property, pets, and family. We will provide information on how to take action and reduce urban impacts on wildlife and habitat, so that one can fully enjoy the natural ecosystem woven into our communities.

9 Ways to Help

  1. Make efforts to coexist with wildlife by reducing attractants in one's yard
  2. Adopt alternative methods to anticoagulant poisons for rodent control
  3. Co-exist with coyotes
  4. Protect one's home from wildfire
  5. Use non-invasive plants to landscape one's yard
  6. Take action against light pollution
  7. Reduce water run-off and keep trash cleaned up
  8. Keep cats indoors
  9. Use a leash for one's dog

Last updated: December 7, 2017

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