Urban Wildlife

Six raccoons eating pet food on the patio floor.

Image Credit: Sherry Ferber


Do you know your wild neighbors?

If you live near natural habitat it’s likely that you have wildlife visiting your neighborhood. Do you know who they are? Some of these animals may occasionally visit urban landscapes, while other animals may visit more often. If resources become available, some may just live in your backyard!

Large/Medium Mammals Rodents/Small Mammals Birds Reptiles
Coyotes - common Squirrels - common Owls - common Lizards - common
Raccoons - common Gophers - common Hawks - common Snakes - common
Opossum - common Mice - common Song birds - common
Bobcats - occasional Woodrats - common Hummingbirds - common
Skunks - occasional Black Rats - common Ducks - common
Mountain Lions - rare European Rats - common
Rabbits - common

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Last updated: October 12, 2016

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