Fire Prevention and Education


Learning about fire safety and prevention is the first step to keeping yourself, others, and Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway safe from accidental wildland fires. While fires are permitted in certain areas of the riverway, visitors are encouraged to review fire safety measures and riverway laws and policies prior to and during their visit. Additional policies and laws can be found in the Superintendent's Compendium.

Fire Safety


Campfires are permitted in park campgrounds. Campfires should never be built outside of the designated areas. This will help prevent accidental wildfire and dangerous conditions. The National Park Service provides helpful tips and safety measures to help you build a safe campfire.

Leave No Trace

Practice the seven Leave No Trace Principles in order to prevent the possibility of wildfires. Consider using a lightweight stove for cooking and smaller lanterns for light instead of a campfire. Properly dispose of trash that may catch on fire. Leaving areas as you found them minimizes the risk of wildland fires.



Education is the first step to preventing fire hazards and potential wildland fires. Adults and children alike can learn how to safely manage fire and prevent fire emergencies.

The National Park Service has many programs in place to study, manage, and respond to different types of fires. Visit the National Park Service's fire website to find information about fire science, preparedness, and the difference between structural fires and wildland fires.


Director's Order #18: Wildland Fire Management. This director's order states the basic principles and strategic guidelines governing the management of wildland fire by the National Park Service. January 16, 2008

National Park Service Wildland Fire Strategic Plan for the years 2020-2024

Reference Manual 18 for implementing agency-wide fire management programs for the National Park Service. April 2019

Last updated: January 21, 2022

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