Pets. Please follow the rules of BARK!

Rangers' Tip: If you want to walk through old-growth redwoods with your leashed pet - then try CAL BARREL ROAD (Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park), or WALKER ROAD (Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park).
A dog in front of a sign wears a BARK! ranger dog tag.
This leashed BARK! Ranger enjoyed a walk under redwood trees along Cal Barrel Road.

Photo: Redwood Parks Conservancy

Pets are wonderful creatures that give more than comfort and companionship. We love our fur-babies and want to keep them (and you) safe while at the Redwoods!

There are carnivores like bears, coyotes and mountain lions, as well as herds of very protective Roosevelt elk in our parks. You, or your pet can quickly get into harms way if your pet encounters park wildlife. The scent of your dog, or even a single bark can cause wild animals to be agitated.

Pets are not allowed on any park trails or at ranger-led programs.

Become a BARK! Ranger

Stop by one of our visitor centers to learn more about the rules of BARK! Dogs and their humans can discover a great walks through the redwoods, say the BARK! Ranger pledge, and stamp their certificate. BARK! Rangers can purchase an exclusive Redwood BARK! Ranger dog collar tag from our Redwood Parks Conservancy bookstores!

For more information, check out our BARK! Ranger brochure.

A black dog licks a park ranger.


Guidelines for pet owners visiting the redwoods.
Please follow the rules of BARK!

Bag your pet's poop
Pet owners are responsible for removing pet waste from all areas in the park.
Always use a leash
Pets must be on a leash not longer then 6 feet (1.8 meters) in length.
Respect wildlife
Don't harass or harm wildlife by making sounds or approaching animals.
Know where you can go
Pets are allowed in developed campgrounds, on beaches, at picnic areas, and roads.

Places To Go With A Leashed Pet:
  • Parking Areas: Fern Canyon, Lady Bird Johnson, Tall Trees Trail, and Stout Grove parking lots only. Elk Meadow Day Use Area parking lot.
  • Scenic View Points: Klamath River Overlook, Redwood Creek Overlook.
  • Developed Campgrounds: Elk Prairie Campground, Gold Bluffs Beach, Mill Creek Campground, and Jedediah Smith Campground.
  • Beaches: Freshwater Beach, Gold Bluffs Beach and Crescent Beach.
  • Gravel Roads: Cal Barrel Road and Walker Road.
Service dog sits next to a man.

S. Olson

Service Animals

Service animals are allowed in all facilities and on all trails unless an area has been closed by the superintendent to protect park resources.

The 2010 revision to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), defines a "service animal" as a dog that has been individually trained to do work, or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability.

Dogs that are not trained to perform tasks that mitigate the effects of a disability, including dogs that are used purely to provide comfort or emotional support ("therapy animals"), are considered pets. Falsely portraying a pet as a service animal is considered fraud and is subject to federal prosecution.


What's the Harm With Pets in Wild Places?

  • Predators including bears, mountain lions, and coyotes may see pets as prey, placing both pet and owner in danger.
  • Some pets may mark territory with scent or spread domestic disease, interfering with natural patterns and causing injury to wildlife.
  • Even normally well-behaved pets can become stressed by unfamiliar surroundings, threatening visitors and wildlife in close situations such as on park trails.
  • Dead salmon, found along riverbanks throughout the parks, can be extremely toxic to dogs.

Where Are Close-by Alternatives?

Pets under your control are allowed at the following nearby locations (be sure to inquire locally for specific regulations), from north to south:

  • Smith River National Recreation Area-all campgrounds and trails (pets must be leashed): east of Crescent City, Calif. via U.S. 199.
  • Public beaches in Crescent City, Calif.
  • Moonstone Beach: Westhaven Drive exit off U.S. 101, just south of Trinidad, Calif.
  • Clam Beach County Park: Clam Beach exit off U.S. 101, near McKinleyville, Calif.
  • Arcata Community Forest in Arcata, Calif.
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