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fish eye view into redwood canopy

Photo: Steve Olson

VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY: Using virtual reality technology you can experience 360 degree videos of different habitats and trails in the park, and even from the canopy of a 300-foot tall redwood tree.
A park ranger in the Redwoods

RANGER EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS. Discover some of the the Parks' natural and cultural history with those that live and work here.

A condor flying
HUMANS and CONDORS. This video series shares different perspectives on California condors. This is an endangered species that just returned to it's redwood home.
Fire fighter and sun

PRESCRIBED FIRE VIDEOS. Unique footage of prescribed fires in Redwood National Park. Experience first-hand what it is like to be on a fire crew, and find out why prescribed fire is part of the Parks' management.

Roosevelt Elk by beach

VIDEO CLIPS: Download and use raw video of the Parks' natural and cultural history. This quality B-roll footage has no audio.

Ranger plays guitar

SONGS AND AUDIO PROGRAMS. Sing your way through the Redwoods.

Audio descriptions
All the video series above include audio descriptions and captions. You can also find more audio described videos. These videos were likely posted to our social media.

Last updated: February 1, 2023

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