Lupine and Rhododendron Bloom

Always be careful driving on the narrow and windy Bald Hills Road. There are frequent logging trucks passing through and little room for visitors to park. When it is possible, it is good to check-in at a visitor center to get the best information on parking and appropriate access to whatever plants are in bloom. If you can't get to a visitor center, then follow @redwoodnps on social media - we often post photos of the flowers in bloom.

Please use Leave No Trace ethics while viewing flowers. They grow by the inch and die by the foot. Leave No Trace ethics and practices are to protect nature - and to help the next visitor experience the same beauty that you came to see.
Purple lupines bloom on a grassy hill. Fir trees are on a nearby ridge-line, and redwoods are on a distant hill.

NPS: J McClelland

June 2021: The spring bloom of lupine is over. It was a good spring showing in the Bald Hills. This area benefited from prescribed fire which the park and its partner agencies bring to the Bald Hills in the autumn. Since time immemorial, fire has been used to maintain these open prairies.
A blooming Rhododendrom

NPS photo.


August 2021: There blooms have ended for the year.


There are many other wildflowers that bloom in the parks. Find out when to expect those blooms.

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