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The National Park Service (NPS) works with federal agencies, state and local governments, organizations, tribes, and private individuals to administer the Pony Express National Historic Trail. Partners provide opportunities for visitors to experience the trail, to discover its story and significance, and they protect and preserve trail resources. To find out more about the trail's partners, and how you can join them, click on the links in the below "Trail Association" and "Trail Partners" sections.

Current and Future Partners

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Trail Association

The National Pony Express Trail Association is the NPS's primary nonfederal partner for the Trail. The association is a national organization that strives to keep the spirit and memory of the Pony Express alive. It is dedicated to preserving the Pony Express Trail and telling its stories. To learn more, visit the association's website at nationalponyexpress.org.

Trail Partners

National Pony Express Association

Pony Express Trail Association

Oregon-California Trails Association

National Pony Express Museum

Patee House Museum

St. Joseph Museums Inc.

National Frontier Trails Museum

National Pony Express Association rider arrives with the mail in June or 2006.
The National Pony Express Association commemorates the ride of the pony express annually.

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