Black Jack Ruts

A stone path winds through a vast prairie.
Black Jack Ruts, Kansas.

Photo/Roger Boyd

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Historical/Interpretive Information/Exhibits

As you follow the path at Black Jack Ruts, you will discover the physical marks left on the land by thousands of heavy trade wagons. Parallel swales left by wagon caravans are as wide as 15 feet. You also have the rare opportunity to experience a native tallgrass prairie where the grasses can grow as high as seven feet. While you explore, you will see and feel the beauty of the prairie and understand more about the challenges of traveling it safely. Exhibits and an audio tour will help you read the landscape of the Santa Fe Trail. 

More Site Information

This roadside park also includes a large historical marker describing the Battle of Black Jack which occurred ½ mile to the south. The town of Black Jack was located ½ mile to the east.

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Black Jack Ruts Audio Walking Tour

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