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Pipe Spring National Monument Educational Field Trips

Pipe Spring National Monument features Ancestral Puebloan, Paiute, and Mormon settler history, as well as diverse plant and animal communities. It’s a wonderful outdoor classroom for school groups.

All programs are free, hands on, and connected to Utah and Arizona State Standards. Program availability may vary depending on staffing. Requests submitted far ahead of time are more likely to be satisfied.
  • Let’s Work, Learn, and Play! (PreK-2nd Grade) Students do chores, learning tasks, and play games that settler and Paiute children would have done to illustrate how life was at Pipe Spring compared to their current lives (1-2 hours) Click Here to Learn More!

  • A Kid’s Day at Pipe Spring (3rd-5th Grade) Students explore settler and Paiute life, natural resources of the area, and human impact on the environment at Pipe Spring by doing the daily tasks of 1870s characters (Dairymaid, ranch hand, Paiute gatherer, settler, and telegrapher) (1-2 hours) Click Here to Learn More!

  • Powell Explorers (6th-8th Grade) Explore Pipe Spring’s natural and cultural resources through the eyes of a nineteenth century explorer using linguistics, botany, geology, anthropology, and navigation (1-2 hours)

  • Museum and Fort Tours (9th-12th Grade) Guided fort tours and self-guided learning and educational media in the museum (1 hour)

  • Ridge Trail Hike (All Grades) Learn about the geology and ecosystem that makes life possible at Pipe Spring (1 hour)

Entrance Fees Waivers

Accredited school groups visiting for educational activities arranged with Pipe Spring staff in advance are exempt from the normal $10.00 per adult (age 16 and older) charge.

Applications and guidelines may be obtained by clicking here on the
Academic Fee Waiver Application and the Academic Fee Waiver Guidelines or by calling the park at 928-643-7105 ext. 214. Completed applications along with required documentation may be faxed to 928-643-7583, or emailed to All Fee Waivers must be received three weeks prior to your trip.

Ready to bring your group to Pipe Spring? Download the Group Leader Checklist and Pipe Spring School Visit & Chaperone Guidelines.

Last updated: December 10, 2022

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