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Park Ranger and middle school students on a autumn field trip to Munising Falls.
Park Ranger and students

NPS photo / Gregg Bruff

As a WebRanger you will have one important job: to have fun while learning new things. You will solve mysteries and puzzles, play games, take part in stories, and gather secret words.

You’ll learn what Park Rangers do to help protect our natural resources and our cultural heritage. You’ll also learn how Park Rangers observe and discover new things about our National Parks.

This logo for the National Park Service Park Fun website features a squirrel and the phrase
Park Fun Guide: On-line fun in your National Parks. At many parks, Rangers and scientists have created on-line activities for fun and to help you get to know the parks a bit better. An alphabetical list helps you find a park.

Remember, the National Parks belong to YOU! Learn more about them.

This logo is from the Bureau of Land Management's

Bureau of Land Management image

Kids on the Web is the U.S. Department of Interior webpage for kids with links to six of the department's agencies.

Agencies represented are the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Geological Survey, Minerals Management Service, National Park Service, and the Office of Surface Mining.

Woodsy Owl is kneeling while planting a tree.  He says,
Woodsy Owl

USDA Forest Service image

Environmental websites for kids is a collection of 20+ websites recommended by Eartheasy. It includes a wealth of fun, creative, and informative websites for children. The links are high quality and fairly unbiased, with many official U.S. and Canadian government agency kids sites.

This image from National Wildlife Federation depicts a girl with glasses looking at a jar full of fireflies.
Firefly girl

Natl Wildlife Federation image

The National Wildlife Federation website has a Kids and Families page, Where kids of all ages can grow wild together. Its activities are groups by ages. Wild Animal Baby: 1-4; Your Big Backyard: 3-7; and Ranger Rick: 7 and up.


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