Fees & Passes


  • Parking at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is free.
  • Entry to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is free, including access to our two museums ("Road to War" and the "Attack Gallery") and exhibits along the harbor.
  • Tickets to the USS Arizona Memorial are free.

During our busiest times (Christmas break, spring break, and summertime), tickets can be reserved in a matter of moments via recreation.gov and standby may not always be available.

All individuals, including very small children and infants need a ticket, even if they are small enough to sit on the lap of their guardian during the film and while on the boats to and from the USS Arizona Memorial.



Reserving Tickets

Pearl Harbor National Memorial Rangers can not make, modify, reschedule or cancel public reservations. Please reach out to your booking agent to communicate any changes.

Reservations are not necessary, but they are recommended. Recreation.gov is the only official reservation website for Pearl Harbor National Memorial’s USS Arizona Memorial Program. If you used any other website to reserve a tour, please read the fine print. Please know that the USS Arizona Memorial Program is free, recreation.gov charges and keeps the $1 non-refundable program reservation fee.

Beginning on Monday, May 3, recreation.gov’s primary booking window for USS Arizona Memorial tickets will increase from 1-week in advance to 8-weeks in advance. This means that on May 3 at 3pm HST, tickets will release for up to 8-weeks (56 days) in the future through June 28. Going forward, new tickets will release on this long-range rolling schedule, one day at a time. The secondary booking window,1-day in advance will remain the same. There is a reservation limit of 5 tickets per person per day. You may need to make multiple reservations to reach the desired number.

Plan to arrive 1-hour before your ticket time. This will give you plenty of time to park and get your tickets at the ticket desk, as well as see our two museums before your program. Check in at the Park Theater 10-minutes before your reserved program time. If you are not here by your program time your seats may be given away to visitors on standby.



Can I use or purchase a National Park Pass here?
Entrance to the visitor center and tickets for the USS Arizona Memorial program are already free, so there is no need for a pass here at the memorial. We also do not sell the passes. However, you can find them online.

Can I use the Go Oahu card at the visitor center?
The Go Oahu card cannot be used for the USS Arizona Memorial program, since tickets are already free and only available on a first-come, first served basis. You will still need to get a walk-in ticket, or make reservations at www.recreation.gov.


School Reservations
If you would like to bring your students to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center for a field trip, please email us and your request will be routed to the proper cordinator.

Active Duty Military Units
Pearl Harbor National Memorial in partnership with Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam requires 21 days advance notice to facilitate military unit requests. If you would like to schedule a visit for your unit, please e-mail us using your ".mil" email account for additional information and forms. Regrettably we are unable to facilitate military re-enlistments, promotions, retirements, and other ceremonies, at this time.

Commercial and Special Use Permits
As one of America’s most recognized symbols, the USS Arizona Memorial receives national media attention and frequent film permit requests. Working with Hollywood, cable and network television, print media, and scholars, the National Park Service staff at the USS Arizona Memorial assist in giving the story of Pearl Harbor a voice, highlighting its importance on a national and international level. Please visit our Do Business With Us page for more information on commercial activities and special use permits.

Have more questions?
If you have further questions, please e-mail us.

Last updated: May 3, 2021

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