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 1. The First Hundred years at Valley Forge

 2. The Centennial and Memorial Association of Valley Forge

 3. A Rocky Beginning for the Valley Forge Park Commission

 4. The Park Commission Triumphs

 5. The Churches at Valley Forge

 6. Historical Accuracy vs Good Taste: Valley Forge in the 1920s and 1930s

 7. The "Complete Restoration" of Valley Forge

 8. New Uses for an Old Story

 9. The Siege of Valley Forge

10. A Struggle for Growth and Professionalism at the Washington Memorial

11. New Interpretations at Valley Forge

Epilogue: Valley Forge—Past, Present, Future



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 1. Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge, c. 1861

 2. Valley Forge Centennial illustration from Harper's Weekly

 3. Old mill and tenant houses in Valley Forge

 4. Plan of Valley Forge Park, c. 1902

 5. Valley Forge's first monument

 6. Washington's Headquarters, c. 1910

 7. The second historic structure acquired by the park

 8. Map of Valley Forge Park, 1908

 9. Dedication ceremony for monument, 1911

10. Valley Forge sheep

11. Early preservation effort at Redoubt #3

12. National Memorial Arch

13a. 13b. Two early photographs of Varnum's Quarters

14. Two drawings of Dr. Burk's chapel plans

15a. 15b. Washington Memorial Chapel during construction

16. Worker excavating forge

17. Valley Forge's replica of Houdon's statue of George Washington

18. Dr. Burk's grave

19. One of the first replica huts at Valley Forge

20. Map of Valley Forge, 1941

21. Replica hut built in 1935

22. Replica hut designed by George Edwin Brumbaugh

23. Row of Brumbaugh's huts

24. Advertisement for Washington Inn

25. The bake ovens that never were

26. Postcard depicting the Mansion House

27. Valley Forge in the spring during the 1940s

28. Grave marker dating from the 1930s

29. Statue of General Von Steuben

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    Valley Forge : making and remaking a national symbol / Lorett Treese.
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1. Historic Sites—Pennsylvania—Valley Forge—Conservation and restoration—History 2. Washington, George, 1732-1799—Headquarters—Pennsylvania—Valley Forge 3. Valley Forge (Pa.)—History 4. Parks—Pennsylvania—Valley Forge—History 5. Valley Forge National Historical Park (Pa.) I. Title
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Valley Forge
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