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Kiva, Crown, Crown





I The Invaders, 1540-1542

II The New Mexico: Preliminaries to Conquest, 1542-1595

III Oñate's Disenchantment, 1595-1617

IV The "Christianization" of Pecos, 1617-1659

V The Shadow of the Inquisition, 1659-1680

VI Their Own Worst Enemies, 1680-1704

VII Pecos and the Friars, 1704-1794

VIII Pecos, the Plains, and the Provincias Internas, 1704-1794

IX Toward Extinction, 1794-1840



I Population
II Notable Natives
III The Franciscans
IV Encomenderos and Alcaldes Mayores
V Miera's 1758 Map of New Mexico




Index (omitted from the online edition)

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Kessell, John L.
Kiva, cross, and crown.
Bibliography: p.
Includes index.
1. Pecos, N.M.—History. 2. New Mexico—History— To 1948. I. Title.
E99.P34K47     978.9'55     77-26691

This book has subsequently been republished by the Western National Parks Association.

book cover

Cover. Three panels of the cover design symbolize the story of Pecos. At the top is Spain's royal coat of arms after a rendering by Pecos Alcalde mayor Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco. In the center stands a Pecos "captain" portrayed on pottery from the period of first contact between Spaniard and Pecos. And beneath, the crossed arms of Christ and St. Francis personify two centuries of Franciscan presence at the Pueblo.

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