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The Invaders

The New Mexico: Preliminaries to Conquest

Oñate's Disenchantment

The "Christianization" of Pecos

The Shadow of the Inquisition

Their Own Worst Enemies

Pecos and the Friars

Pecos, the Plains, and the Provincias Internas

Toward Extinction



Appendix IV: Encomenderos and Alcaldes Mayores

before 1620-c. 1656Francisco Gómez? A Portuguese; to N.M. c. 1605; leading citizen; sargento mayor, etc. Suc. by his son
c. 1656-80Francisco Gómez Robledo Born Santa Fe c. 1628; tried by Inquisition 1660s and acquitted; maese de campo

Alcaldes Mayores of Galisteo (Tanos) and District Including Pecos
c. 1659-61Diego González Bernal Agent of Gov. Lopez; removed by him
1661Antonio de SalasAppointed and removed by Gov. López
1661-65Jerónimo de Carvajal Born in Sandia dist. c. 1630; owner of Cerrillos estancia
1664Francisco de Anaya Almazán Born N.M. c. 1633; family perished in revolt of 1680; he returned with Vargas
?-l680José Nieto He and family killed by Tanos, Aug. 10, 1680

Alcalde Mayor of Pecos
(Galisteo abandoned)
1694-96-?Francisco de Anaya Almazán Helped build temporary third Pecos church

Alcaldes Mayores of Pecos and Galisteo
(Refounded, 1706)
c. 1705-c. 1710Juan de Ulibarrí B. San Luis Potosí; to N.M. 1694; sargento mayor and procurador; led exped. to plains to liberate Picurís, 1706
1706José Trujillo Alcalde mayor of Santa Cruz; app. by Ulibarrí as lt. alcalde of Pecos to serve in his absence
1711-14Sebastián de Vargas Master blacksmith; lt. alcalde mayor
1714-20sAlfonso Rael de Aguilar Sargento mayor; destroyed Pecos kivas, 1714
1725-c. 1738Manuel Tenorio de Alba Capt. in 1732; frequent godfather at Pecos
c. 1739-43Manuel Sáenz de Garvizu Native of Spain; Codallos' lt. gov.; lost 10 men pursuing Comanches e. from Pecos, 1746
1744-48Juan José Moreno Native of Spain; 42 in 1745
1746Miguel de Alire Interim alcalde in Moreno's absence
c. 1749-56Tomás Antonio de Sena Blacksmith and armorer
1755Francisco Aguilar Lt. alcalde mayor
1756-c. 1760Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco Cartographer and jack-of-all-trades lured to N.M. by Gov. Marín del Valle
c. 1760-62Cayetano Tenorio Son of Manuel?
1762-69Tomás Antonio de Sena Reappt. by Gov. Vélez; reg. mine of N.S. de los Dolores
early 1770sVicente Armijo Took balusters from convento mirador and put them in the casas reales

Jerónimo Leyva Armijo's lt.
1776-José Herrera Alcalde mayor at time of Domínguez visitation
1782-90sAntonio José Ortiz Alcalde mayor of Santa Fe district, which now incl. Pecos; put El Vado grantees in possession, 1794

Tenientes de Justicia of Pecos and El Vado
(Under District of Santa Fe)
1790s-1800Domingo Anselmo SantiestebanVecino of Sta. Fe living at Pecos; d. Pecos, Sept. 12, 1800
1802-03Antonio Vigil
1804Lorenzo Antonio Marín
1805Juan Antonio AlaríQuashed alleged sedition in El Vado settlements
1809, 1813-14, 1820Manuel BacaHe and Fr. Francisco Bragado dispute and reconcile, 1809
1815Juan Antonio AnayaAssisted at measurement of Pena grant, 1814
1818Vicente VillanuevaMeasured Pecos "league"; killed by Apaches near Las Ruedas, c. 1822

Alcaldes Constitucionales of El Vado
1821Manuel DuránSent results of Pecos pueblo "ayuntamiento" election to Gov. Melgares
1825Diego PadillaLong-time resident of El Vado area; grantee
1826José Ramón AlaridReported to Gov. Narbona about Pecos lands
1827Gregorio VigilHe and Father Caballero disagreed over escort to visit Pecos
1828José Miguel SánchezCosigned inventory of San Miguel del Vado chapel with Caballero
1829Santiago Ulibarrí
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