Notes on Hampton Mansion
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A. Hampton Mansion (9 sheets of HABS measured drawings were made of the Mansion. These were intended mainly for planning purposes. A set of detailed records should be made of the whole house)

B. Ice House (2 sheets)

C. Horse Stable No. 1 (7 sheets)

D. Horse Stable No. 2 (6 sheets)

E. Greenhouse 1 (1 sheet)

F. Overseer's House (4 sheets)

G. Slave Quarters One (1 sheet)

H. Slave Quarters Two (1 sheet)

I. Slave Quarters Three (1 sheet)

J. Carpenter - Blacksmith Shop (1 sheet)

K. Dairy (4 sheets)

L. Cow House (2 sheets)

M. Mule Barn (1 sheet)

N. Long Barn (1 sheet)

O. Corn Crib (1 sheet)
ILLUSTRATION SET NO. 4. (42 Sheets of Drawings made for HABS in 1959) (click on images for a PDF version)

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