Challenge of the Big Trees
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CHAPTER ONE: The Natural World of the Southern Sierra

CHAPTER TWO: The Native Americans and the Land

CHAPTER THREE: Exploration and Exploitation (1850-1885)

CHAPTER FOUR: Parks and Forests: Protection Begins (1885-1916)

CHAPTER FIVE: Selling Sequoia: The Early Park Service Years (1916-1931)

CHAPTER SIX: Colonel John White and Preservation in Sequoia National Park (1931-1947)

CHAPTER SEVEN: Two Battles For Kings Canyon (1931-1947)

CHAPTER EIGHT: Controlling Development: How Much is Too Much? (1947-1972)

CHAPTER NINE: New Directions and A Second Century (1972-1990)

APPENDIX A: Visitation Statistics, 1891-1988

APPENDIX B: Superintendents of Sequoia, General Grant, and Kings Canyon National Parks





INDEX (omitted from online edition)


List of Maps
1. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and Vicinity
2. Important Place Names of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
3. Physical Features of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
4. Natural Vegetation Zones of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
5. Topographic Cross Sections of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
6. Regional Distribution of Native American Groups Circa 1700
7. Pioneer Trails of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
8. Explorations of the California Geological Survey, 1864
9. Mining-Related Development in the Mineral King Area, 1870—1890
10. The Kaweah Colony, 1886—1892
11. Senator John E Miller's 1881 National Park Proposal
12. Sequoia and General Grant National Parks as Established in 1890
13. Sequoia and General Grant National Parks Circa 1910
14. Federal Land Acquisition in Giant Forest, 1916—1921
15. Reproduction of Early National Park Service Proposal to Enlarge Sequoia National Park
16. Sequoia National Park as Enlarged in 1926
17. Sequoia National Park, Major Roads and Trails Circa 1930
18. Giant Forest Development Area, Early 1930s
19. Civilian Conservation Corps Camps, Sequoia National Park, 1933—1942
20. Giant Forest and Vicinity, Late 1930s
21. Highways: Actual and Proposed, 1930s
22. Reproduction of 1920 Los Angeles Proposal for Kings Canyon Hydroelectric Development
23. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks after Act of March 4, 1940 and Presidential Proclamation of June 21, 1940
24. Reproduction of 1947 National Park Service Alternatives for Copper Creek Development
25. Development Proposals for Kings Canyon, 1953
26. Giant Forest Development Area, 1972
27. Wilderness Proposals of 1966 and 1971
28. Proposed Mineral King Ski Resort, 1965—1978
29. Giant Forest/Lodgepole Development Concept Plan, Approved 1980
30. 1976 Development Plan for Kings Canyon
31. National Park Land Acquisition in the Grant Grove Area, 1890—1984
32. Sequoia and Kings Canyon Wilderness as Enacted September 28, 1984

List of Photographs
1. Aerial View of the Giant Forest
2. Early Protection of the General Grant Tree
3. Early Sierra Club Group
4. Cavalry Troops at General Sherman Tree
5. Early Ranger-Guided Nature Walk
6. The First Giant Forest Village
7. Parks Superintendent John Roberts White
8. Opening the Potwisha Civilian Conservation Corps Camp
9. Bear Feeding at Bear Hill
10. Concessions Manager George Mauger
11. Congestion at Giant Forest Village
12. Biologist Lowell Sumner
13. Backcountry Stock Use
14. Park Service Officials in Backcountry
15. Proposed Mineral King Ski Resort Village (omitted from the online edition)

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Dilsaver, Lary M.
Challenge of the big trees : a resource history of Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks / Lary M. Dilsaver and William C. Tweed.
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1. Sequoia National Park (Calif.)—History. 2. Kings Canyon
National Park (Calif.)—History. I. Tweed, William C. II. title.

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