Challenge of the Big Trees
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THE AUTHORS wish to gratefully acknowledge assistance and support from many sources. From Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks came an enormous amount of support, including unlimited access to records, free use of copying facilities, housing for Lary Dilsaver during several long periods of archival research, and, most important, genuine interest in the project. Particular thanks go to then-Superintendent John H. Davis, to Sylvia Nichols, Anne Shepherd, Larry Bancroft, Tom Nichols, David Parsons, and especially, for her constant, unwavering support and encouragement, to Betty Knight. Special thanks also go to National Park Service Western Regional Historian Gordon Chappell, who brought together the two authors.

Financial assistance for the research came from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the University of South Alabama. The university also supplied research release time, clerical assistance, and technical help without which this book might never have been completed. At the university special thanks go to Vice-President Jeral Williams, Dean S. Gene Crossley, Geology and Geography Department Chairman Glenn Sebastian, and to Debbie Hopkins. Assistance also came from Joyce Quinn at California State University, Fresno, and Stephen Jett at the University of California, Davis.

Extremely critical was the support of John J. Palmer, first as chief park interpreter for Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, and, after May 1987, as Executive Director of the Sequoia Natural History Association. His vision brought the book to fruition.

Special thanks also go to Sylvia Haultain-Tweed, who provided excellent editorial advice and endured all the frustrations inherent in a project of this sort.

To these individuals and institutions, and to many, many others too numerous to list, the authors give their thanks.


Challenge of the Big Trees
©1990, Sequoia Natural History Association
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