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Confinement and Ethnicity:
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An Overview of World War II
Japanese American Relocation Sites

by J. Burton, M. Farrell, F. Lord, and R. Lord

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Chapter 16 (continued)
Assembly Centers

Pinedale Assembly Center, California

Oblique aerial view of the Pinedale Assembly Center
Figure 16.16. Oblique aerial view of the Pinedale Assembly Center.
(from DeWitt 1943)
This assembly center was located 8 miles north of downtown Fresno on vacant land near an existing mill-workers housing area (Figure 16.16). The area is now within the Fresno city limits, north of Herndon Road 1 mile west of Blackstone Avenue.

Occupied from May 7 to July 23, the Pinedale Assembly Center housed a total of 4,823 evacuees, with a maximum of 4,792 at a time. The evacuees were from Sacramento and El Dorado counties, and Oregon and Washington. Ten barracks blocks, each with 26 buildings, were constructed for the evacuees, and a separate block was built for the military police and administration.

The large industrial/warehouse complex visible in the 1942 aerial photograph is still present, which provided confirmation of the assembly center location (Figure 16.17). However, the site of the assembly center is now a subdivision; the architectural style and mature vegetation suggest the housing development dates to the 1950s or 1960s (Figure 16.18). There is no historical marker at the site. Subdivision roads appear to generally follow the assembly center roads.

Warehouses near the site of the Pinedale Assembly Center
Figure 16.17. Warehouses near the site of the Pinedale Assembly Center.
Site of the Pinedale Assembly Center
Figure 16.18. Site of the Pinedale Assembly Center.

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