Maritime Heritage Grants: Apply for a Grant

How to Apply

Currently available grants will be listed on our Open Grants page. Once Notices of Funding Opportunities are made available, eligible prime grantees may apply for one of our grants through For help in determining if you are eligible to apply for a National Maritime Heritage Grant, please see our Application Information page or our Frequently Asked Questions.

The National Park Service cannot accept applications submitted outside of the portal. We also cannot accept emailed applications. Detailed instructions on how to apply for a grant are included in the Notice of Funding Opportunities. is the government-wide database that hosts grants and serves as the portal through which applicants apply for grants. Before registering with, new applicants will need a Unique Entity ID issued by

For more information on the National Maritime Heritage Grants process, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Detailed instructions on registering with and in preperation for grant application can be found at the bottom of this page.

Grant Application Documentation

In planning your application, please consider the following documentation.

Form Name

Form Number

Use This When…

Access This Form…

Additional Instructions

Application for Federal Assistance


You are applying for a grant and need to supply basic organizational information. workspace for each funding opportunity announcement

Detailed instructions provided in Notice of Funding Opportunity. You will complete this form within the workspace in

Budget Information to Non-Construction Programs


You are applying for a grant and need to provide information on the complete project budget.

Assurances for Non-Construction Programs


You are applying for a grant.

Budget Information for Construction Projects


You are applying for a grant that includes development (construction) work. The total on this form should be included in the SF-242A.

Assurances for Construction Program


You are applying for a grant.

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities


Project Description

You are applying for a grant and need to describe what grant-assisted work will include.

Notice of Funding Opportunity announcement on

You will download a copy of these forms from the Notice of Funding Opportunity posted to and upload completed versions into your workspace in

Budget Justification Form

You are applying for a grant and need to justify the funding amount requested.


You are applying for a grant and need to provide images of the historic resource(s) to be assisted by grant funding.

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    Last updated: June 26, 2024