Maritime Heritage Grants: General Grant Information

Replica of the Salem East Indiaman Friendship was built by the National Park Service using modern materials and construction methods while retaining the appearance of the original ship.
The replica tall ship Friendship of Salem, Salem Maritime National Historic Site

National Park Service, 2012

What is Funded

The National Maritime Heritage Grant program supports different projects related to maritime heritage education and preservation. These projects focus on three main categories of historic maritime resources: Historic Maritime Properties, Maritime Heritage Collections, and Traditional Maritime Skills.

Historic Maritime Properties

These properties are defined based on criteria established by the National Register of Historic Places. They include properties located near or along the sea or inland waters, as well as those connected to sea navigation or commerce. Historic Maritime Properties consist of Maritime Districts, Maritime Archaeological Sites, Maritime Buildings, Maritime Structures, and Maritime Objects.

Maritime Collections

These collections consist of objects, documents, and archaeological resources that are relevant to understanding the maritime heritage of the United States. The collections are gathered based on a systematic plan and are maintained to be studied, interpreted, and shared with the public. Examples of Maritime Collections include Objects, Documents, and Archaeological Resources.

Traditional Maritime Skills

These skills encompass activities associated with naval, commercial, and navigational aspects of the sea or inland waters. They are passed down through generations, either orally or through practical training. Traditional maritime skills are recognizable practices that are transmitted across at least two successive generations. They include various manual or specialized activities, arts, crafts, trades, techniques, or occupations.

The National Maritime Heritage Grant program aims to support projects that fall within these three categories and contribute to the education and preservation of maritime heritage.

Examples of projects funded in previous grant cycles can be found here on our Grant Recipients page.

For those ineligible for a Maritime Heritage Grant, the National Park Service offers almost 20 different grant programs. Depending on the nature of the project you have in mind, you may be able to locate or apply for alternative funding sources through our other programs or your local National Heritage Area.

Last updated: April 18, 2024