National Maritime Heritage Grants

National Maritime Heritage Grants are administered by the National Park Service's National Maritime Heritage Program in partnership with the Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration.

The National Maritime Heritage Grants provide 1-to-1 matching funds for a wide range of preservation and education projects in three broad categories:

  • Historic Maritime Properties
    Historic properties relating to, or bordering on seas or inland waters. Also, historic properties relating to navigation or commerce of seas or inland waters.

  • Maritime Heritage Collections
    Collection of objects, documents, or archeological resources relevant to the understanding of the maritime heritage of the United States.

  • Traditional Maritime Skills
    Skills associated with the naval, commercial, or navigational activities of, or relating to, seas or inland waters. Activities include maritime skills, arts, crafts, trades, techniques, or occupations generally thought of as requiring the use of hands or special training. Traditional maritime skills are handed down from generation to generation, by word of mouth or by practice. 

Grant projects are intended to help preserve our historic maritime resources and to promote and educate the public about America's extensive maritime heritage legacy.

Information about grant application, management, and open grant cycles can be found in the sidebar to the right. 

Last updated: March 4, 2024