River otter sunning in the green grass.
River otter

Courtesy of Matt Knapley

During a mammal survey conducted in the 2000s, 18 species of terrestrial mammals were recorded, and 393 individual observations of mammals were made. Documented mammals include: the Virginia opposum, shrews, rodents, squirrel, rats/mice/voles, Eastern cottontail rabbit, fox, raccoon, beaver, deer, coyote, and bobcat. All species found during the survey are relatively widespread and considered common in South Carolina.



In 2007, the Cumberland Piedmont Network, sponsored by National Park Service, conducted a study at Carl Sandberg Home National Historic Site, Cowpens National Battlefield, Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, Kings Mountain National Military Park, and Ninety Six National Historic Site to document bat species at each site. The presence or absence of bats can indicate how healthy an ecosystem is. The researchers found at least 4 species of bats with evidence of at least 6 at Ninety Six National Historic Site. For more information about bats, go the National Park Service page dedicated to them.

Last updated: May 9, 2021

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