historic photos of miners at Kaymoor mine entrance

The story of New River Gorge is the combined stories of the many people who lived and died here. Each left something behind that contributes to the rich cultural history of this unique place.

historic photo of Mother Jones

Mother Jones
The "Miner's Angel" who spent much of her life fighting for the fair treatment of coal miners. more...

Beury Monument

Joseph Beury

Colonel Joseph Beury established the town of Quinnimont and was the operator of the first coal mine in the New River Gorge. more...
historic photo of cabin
Mary Draper Ingles
The story of Mary Draper Ingles' capture by the Shawnees and subsequent journey to freedom along the New River is one of the great stories of survival and endurance. more...

historic photo of Carter G, Woodson

Carter G. Woodson
Carter G Woodson, the "Father of Black History," began his career, and gained inspiration for his pioneering work, in the New River Gorge coalfields. more...

historic photo of John Nuttall

John Nuttall
John Nuttall founded the coal town of Nuttallburg, one of almost 50 coal towns in New River Gorge, and today one of the most complete coal related sites in the country. more...

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