Your Safety

Below is a list of hazards that do exist on the trails, within the park, and outside the park.
Hiking hazards include: trips, slips, falls, dehydration, over exertion and altitude sickness.
Weather hazards: hail, snow, ice, rain, floods, strong winds, dust storm, lighting, heat and cold temperatures. These weather conditions can cause heat exhaustion and hypothermia which can impair thinking.
Geological Hazard: rockfalls, embankment cave in, quicksand, erosions, and drastic elevation changes. During monsoon season and spring snow melt.
Wildlife hazard: snakes, bees, ants, mosquitos, mountain lion (PDF 173 KB) , coyote, fox, badger, bats, scorpions, centipede, deer, ticks, and microscopic organism in the water. Hiking to Keet Seel and along the rim trails.
Domestic livestock Hazard: wild horses, wild burro, and domestic cattle; you will encounter them if you are hiking to Keet Seel.
Exposure Hazard: rodent dropping (Hantavirus), mosquito bite (West Nile Virus), tick bite (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever).
Botanical Hazards: allergies, noxious weeds, poison ivy, plant pollen, cacti spines, stickers (bull heads and thistles), algae growth in water (slippery).
Fire Hazard: lightning fires, open fire;(camp fires are not allowed within the park.)
Please stay on designated trails.

Last updated: July 20, 2018

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