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Historic Themed Places

A cabin on a hill with trees all around.

Few Stands Remain

Inns, or stands, provided occasional shelter for travelers along the Natchez Trace from the 1790s to the 1840s.

Two rounded earthen works in the distance, surrounded by trees.

Six Mound Sites on the Parkway

Six sacred mound sites ranging from only a few feet tall to the second largest mound in the US, can be visited on the Parkway.

A sunken trail through the forest.

Sections of the Old Natchez Trace

Much of the Old Trace has been assimilated into the modern landscape but there are still sections you can visit and walk on.

A dogtrot cabin.

Explore Meriwether Lewis Site mp 385.9

There is a lot to explore at the Meriwether Lewis site, including the section of the Old Trace where Lewis approached Grinders Stand.


Places by Location

A pink, orange and blue sunrise seen over a field between trees.

Places to Go in Tennessee

The hilliest part of the Parkway, this area has great views, water falls, and powerful history.

A field of white flowers with tall grass stems in the front and Trees in the back.

Places to Go Milepost 341.7 to 232.4

A small section of Alabama has a lot natural and cultural history to offer. You will "bearly" notice when you switch over into Mississippi.

Trees reflected in brown water they are growing in.

Places to Go Milepost 249.6 - 131

Enjoy a leisurely drive through central Mississippi and stop by some nearby towns to experience hospitality to all.

A trail that is u shaped and sunken below the forest floor.

Places to Go Milepost 131 - 0

Southern Mississippi has deep trails and deep history.


Other Sites Managed by the Parkway

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