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Legislation: Legislated May 18, 1938, to commemorate the historic Natchez Trace corridor

Parkway Length: 444 miles. The Parkway is marked by mileposts, starting at Milepost 0 near Natchez, MS and finishing at Milepost 444 near Nashville, TN. Averages 800 feet wide

Speed limit: 50 mph, unless otherwise posted

Driving time: At least 10 hours from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN
4 to 4.5 hours from Tupelo, MS to Nashville, TN
3.5 to 4 hours from Tupelo, MS to Jackson, MS
5.5 to 6 hours from Tupelo, MS to Natchez, MS

Recreational vehicles (RVs):
  • RVs are permitted on the Natchez Trace Parkway motor road and on almost all areas in the park. Bridge Clearance Information: Minimum Parkway bridge clearances are 14 feet except access to Jackson Falls and Magnum Mound.. Please see our RV page for specific heights.
  • Camper trailers, boats, horses, ATVs, bicycles, antique cars, or tractors may be transported for recreational use only
Other Recreational Vehicles:
  • Driving off road vehicles or tractors on Parkway property is prohibited. State licenses required.
  • The Parkway is a designated Bicycle Route, please share the road. Although larger numbers of bicyclists use the Parkway during the spring and fall seasons, motorists should be always alert for bicyclists. Motorists should pass bicyclists by changing lanes when the oncoming lane is clear of vehicle traffic.
Traffic volume: In most places, traffic is relatively low. The exceptions are :
  • Highest on weekdays
  • During morning and afternoon commute times in the Jackson, MS area (mileposts 87-105) and the Tupelo, MS area (mileposts 258-268).
Vehicle Restrictions:
  • Overall maximum length: 55 feet, including a towed vehicle
  • Maximum height: 14 feet (see reverse side for specific clearances on roads adjacent to the Parkway)
  • Hauling: Only recreational hauling is allowed on the Parkway
  • Commercial vehicles: Prohibited on the Parkway (call 662-680-4014 for bus permits)
No reservations. - No Fee. Please check Plan Your Visit > Things to Do > Camping
Stays are limited to 14 consecutive nights

Parkway Entrances: Numerous roads intersect with the Parkway, major entrances/exits are as follows:
  • Southern Entrance (Natchez, MS): Liberty Road, off Sergeant Prentiss Drive
  • Central Entrance (Tupelo, MS): I-22 (Hwy 78), exit 85
  • Jackson, MS Metropolitan Area Entrances: I-55 North to exit 105A and I-20 to exit 34
  • Northern Entrance (closest to Nashville, TN): I-40 West of Nashville to exit 192, McCrory Lane, then to TN Hwy 100
NOTE: Hwy 45 near milepost 270 and Hwy 840 near milepost 425 do not have direct access to the Parkway.

Hours and Closures/Detours:
  • Closures and detours will be posted in Alerts

Last updated: September 1, 2022

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The Parkway Visitor Center near Tupelo, MS, is open 9am-4:30pm seven days a week. The visitor center is closed Thanksgiving, December 25th and January 1st.

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