Turf Management and Event Operations Guide for the National Mall and Memorial Parks

The Turf Management and Events Operations Guide for the National Mall and Memorial Parks is a comprehensive operations and maintenance manual created for the use of National Park Service staff and permit holders hosting events on grass areas. The current edition was issued on July 5, 2017.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Park Use and Resource Protection Planning Guide

1.1 Protecting Level 1 Turf Areas
1.2 Introduction to the Level 1 Areas within the National Mall, the NPS Regulatory Process, and Park Resource Protection
1.3 Mall Site

1.3.1 Non-Turf Areas for Temporary Structures
1.3.2 Turf Area Locations for Temporary Structures
1.3.3 Mall Hardscape Measurements
1.3.4 Locations for Setup of Chairs or Other Seating
1.3.5 Locations for Pedestrian Standing Areas
1.3.6 Level 1, 2, 3 Turf Areas
1.3.7 NAMA Turf Levels

1.4 Key Team Players

1.4.1 NAMA Event Coordinator
1.4.2 NAMA Permits Management Division Chief
1.4.3 NPS Permits Management Specialist
1.4.4 Event Monitors
1.4.5 NAMA Turf Manager
1.4.6 NAMA Compliance M(s)

Section 2: Revised Permit Conditions

2.1 Timeframes for Pre-event Preparation and Post-event Turf Restoration
2.2 Level 1 Turf Areas Use Limits for Temporary Facilities
2.3 Allowable Temporary Facilities on Other Areas
2.4 Closure and Cancellation for Events on the National Mall

Section 3: Permitting Process: Special Steps for Events on the National Mall and Memorial Parks

3.1 Event Checklist and Procedures to Protect Turf, Soil and Irrigation
3.2 Crowd Capacity of Park Areas

3.2.1 Washington Monument Grounds Capacity Map
3.2.2 West Potomac Park Capacity Map
3.2.3 Lincoln Memorial Area Capacity Map
3.2.4 Mall Area Capacity
3.3 Set up Opportunities

3.4 Public-Awareness Closure Program

Section 4: Turf Protection Planning Guide - A Primer for Applicants

4.1 Turf Area Protective Decking Guidelines
4.2 Tents or Other Temporary Structures on Turf Areas
4.3 Temporary Stages on Turf
4.4 Crate Storage and Bone Yards Prohibited
4.5 Load In/Load Out Requirements
4.6 Use and Rest Periods
4.7 No Stake Zones

Section 5: Appendix

5.1 Code of Federal Regulations
5.2 Special Events Planning Guide for the National Capital Region
5.3 Sample Application
5.4 Resources

5.4.1 Policy References
5.4.2 Sources
5.4.3 Websites



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