Longmire Accessibility

A wood building with pitched roofs covered in snow in a snowy forest.
The National Park Inn at Longmire blanketed in snow.

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A brown cabin and large slice of a tree trunk sit on a small hill surrounded by trees
The Longmire Museum

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  • National Park Inn - 2 spaces in rear
  • Wilderness Information Center - 1 space across street


  • Longmire Museum: Historic cabin with bookstore and exhibits through narrow doorways (narrowest is 29”) and walkways. The paths to the Museum are paved, but are not level and can be steep.
  • Wilderness Information Center: Accessible entrance on east side (back) of building. The path is paved.
  • Transportation Exhibit (in historic gas station): Accessible exhibits. Exhibit text is available in the NPS App under What to See → Longmire Area → Longmire Exhibits.
  • Restrooms: Next to the Longmire Museum and Transportation Exhibit. Paths are paved, but are not level and can be steep. The National Park Inn has accessible restrooms on main floor.


  • National Park Inn: Two accessible rooms with roll-in showers on first floor. The ramp is on the east side of the front porch or on the south side of the building by the accessible parking.

Food Service:

  • Restaurant: Inside National Park Inn. Fully accessible
  • General Store: Accessed via path on east side of building near National Park Inn. Small store with narrow aisles
A single grill and picnic table with extension in the woods
Table and grill at Cougar Rock picnic area

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Picnic Areas:

  • Several picnic tables near General Store and Wilderness Information Center in Longmire. None with paved, even access
  • Cougar Rock Picnic Area: Accessible parking, restrooms, and picnic tables at north end
  • Kautz Creek Picnic Area: Accessible parking, restrooms, and picnic tables

Camping—Cougar Rock Campground:

  • Sites C2, C7, C20, and R5 are the most accessible, with paved parking areas, accessible picnic tables, fire rings, and firm gravel tent pads. The sites are mostly level, with a 2-10 inch (5-25cm) ledge up to tent pad.
  • A loop and C loop restrooms closest to the main road are accessible. Most other restrooms have stairs.
  • Amphitheater is accessible via ramp. There is no designated parking area.



  • Trail of the Shadows - 0.7 mile (1.1km) loop around a wetland through a lush forest. Little elevation gain, however some steep rocky or rooted sections exist. There are several wooden bridges and a long wooden boardwalk. Mount Rainier viewpoints at the beginning of the trail, and many exhibit panels throughout the trail
  • Wonderland Trail - From the front of the Wilderness Information Center, the trail travels significantly uphill over many rocks and roots toward Cougar Rock Campground. Total distance from Longmire to Cougar Rock is 1.7 miles (2.7km), but trail also continues past Cougar Rock

Surrounding Area

  • Kautz Creek Viewpoint - Short boardwalk to viewpoint of the creek. The path is mostly level and smooth, with a slight ledge at the end of the boardwalk.
  • Westside Road - A 9 mile (14.5km) long gravel road that gains 2100 feet (640m). Open to foot traffic and bicycles. This road travels through an active geohazard zone! Be prepared to seek high ground in an emergency.

Things to Do:

  • Take the self-guided tour of Longmire.
  • Enjoy viewpoints at Christine Falls, Glacier Bridge, and Ricksecker Point.
  • Explore Westside Road on foot or by bike.
  • Take the boardwalk to the Kautz Creek viewpoint.
  • Picnic at Cougar Rock Picnic area.

Area Maps:

A simplified map of the Longmire area highlighting accessible features
Map showing the accessible features of Longmire
A simplified map showing accessible features at Cougar Rock Campground and Picnic Area
Cougar Rock area map highlighting accessible features

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Last updated: September 1, 2023

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