Montrose Landing

Montrose Landing - Montrose, Iowa

The pioneers landed in Montrose, on the west shore of the Mississippi River, during their exodus from Nauvoo in 1846. The first wagon, belonging to Charles Shumway, was ferried across the river on February 4.

Orson Pratt recorded his crossing on February 14: "The falling of the snow and the cold northwest wind have made the weather very disagreeable. . . . We found the ferryman and his man standing in the open air around a small fire. We prevailed upon them to venture across and in a short time we found ourself safely landed on the West bank of the great Mississippi."

The Mormons continued their exodus from Nauvoo through September, when the last members of the church were run out of town by hostile mobs.

A map of Iowa depicting major highways and the location of Montrose.


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