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To support the park's successful Youth Camping Program and to better serve young visitors, Lassen is developing a new youth camping facility. Crags Youth Camp is slated to open in 2016, in time for Lassen Volcanic National Park's 100th Anniversary. The existing Crags Campground will be upgraded to include two group camping areas comprised of five tent cabins, a picnic/cooking pavilion, and shared amphitheater and shower facilities.

The new youth camping facility will create deep connections between a younger generation and the park through outdoor immersion. A wide range of youth organizations including school groups, other educational groups, and scouting organizations will be encouraged to use this desginated facility to introduce children to their national park.

Expanded camping facilities will improve accessibility for groups serving at-risk and underserved youth. Crags Youth Camp will support a low-cost group camping experience by reducing the amount of equipment required and providing necessary amenities for first-time campers.

Example camp facilities include canvas tents, a cooking shelter, and a group fire ring.
Example tent cabins, picnic/cooking pavillion, and group fire ring
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Lassen Park Foundation, a non-profit park partner, needs your help to provide at-risk and underserved youth with a life-changing outdoor immersion experience. For more information about becoming a supporter of Crags Youth Camp support visit or call (530) 378-2600.

A youth camping group with their camping equipment.
Without necessary facilities, non-profit youth organizations must provide camping equipment for participants.

Last updated: February 29, 2016

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